United Airlines Pilot Calls For ‘Common Decency,’ Bans Political Rants On Flight During his announcement, the pilot showed the kind of leadership political leaders should be demonstrating following a post-election surge in hate crimes. “If you support him, great. If you don’t I understand,” he said in an apparent referenceRead More →

Last Friday I was in the Newark Airport heading back to O-Town and as I was reading my complimentary hotel copy of USA Today I came across Tasting Asheville: From beer town to culinary capital. In full disclosure, I’m a sucker for anything Asheville, growing I spent summers rambling throughRead More →

Recently a good friend, “T-Rex” published a link to the article “Man pranks hotel by making ridiculous requests – hotel completes every single one “. When you book online there’s a blank for you to add any special requests such as no feather pillows or first floor only, you getRead More →

I’m not much of an alarmist, especially when it comes to the weather and travel. I routinely head up north during winter forgetting a heavy, actually any coat, my wife swears there’s an umbrella in my backpack, somewhere, and I love driving rental cars in the snow. Rolling into MondayRead More →

“The difference between a Jeep and a rental car is there’re some places you can’t take a Jeep“ The poor sap above managed to flatten all four tires on this Infiniti QX70 rental by ignoring the “Do Not Back Up Severe Tire Damage” signs, don’t be “that guy”. Here’re aRead More →