Dude. Do you have ANY idea at all? Can you smell what the fall is cooking? Do you feel the existentialistic importance of this time of year? So, Target is high up there on my fall bucket list! With its high-fallutin’ dollar section, to the season cesspool of holiday products,Read More →

Sup. Rarely do I ever feel an earth shattering, tremor induced, life-changing strobe light switch “Aha” moment when I watch a movie. But, GURL, lemme tell you…This movie was my rainbow farting, confetti vomiting unicorn. There was something about the cerebral switcharoo that occurred in the main character that cannonRead More →

I like BIG BOOKS and I cannot lie.  OH MY GOD. I am developing an obsession. This summer I thought a sister was going to be blogging like crazy since I do not have to work until August. Unfortunately, I got hit bad. I can’t stop myself. It’s a quasi-stalkerishRead More →

Oh, hey. So, sometimes I feel a little blah, a little bland, kind of soccer-momish, a little stifled, and maybe, every now and then – just maybe, kinda sorta, a teensy tiny bit uncool. I KNOW, RIGHT? I always have to convince people of this. Anyhoo-I’ve been wanting to sowRead More →

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I announce the impending passing of my beloved blog platform: hypeorlando. Serious sad sniff. I’ll never forget the day that I saw this new company advertised, asking for potential bloggers to pitch their material. Never, ever, in a pigs fly across the moonRead More →

Look. Some people have really cool hobbies. Some people have REALLY cool ass fly hobbies. Not every hobby is my thing, but that’s totally respectable. I’m cool with that. I have a hobby that will blow your mind. It consumes my days and then when those days are over, myRead More →