Memories ablaze

Can you imagine losing every last possession that you own?  Let’s say that you are told that your house has just burned to the ground and there’s absolutely nothing left.  Nothing. Well, that happened to the Heath family of Chuluota earlier today. While they were at work and school, their house caught fire and everything they owned was deemed a “total loss.”  I am heartbroken for them. And, so are thousands of others.

This hits home to us on a very personal basis. We love the Heath family. Dena and Brad have been friends of our family for years. Dena, who is a 1st grade teacher at Partin Elementary School in Oviedo, taught my daughter, and many, many other students in our area. Their son attends Partin as well, and they are loved by an entire community. This tragic event devastates us all.


Dena, Brad and Joshua Heath.  Photo courtesy of Dena
Dena, Brad and Joshua Heath. Photo courtesy of Dena’s Facebook page. I totally stole it, but I think she will be okay with that 🙂

First and foremost, everyone, including themselves, are truly thankful that nobody was hurt, including their beloved pets. Their family is intact, and that, undoubtedly is the most important thing.

My heart bleeds for my friend who is an avid photographer, scrapbooker, and sentimental soul who cherishes every keepsake given to her by her son, Joshua, and by all of her students, past and present. With each gift given to her, a tear would be shed to prove the enormity of the gesture that would touch her heart. I sink a little deeper when I think of Brad giving her special jewelry, of them hanging ornaments on the tree that Joshua has made for his parents each year prior, of them never getting to show Josh their wedding video or album. I think the very worst is that they never get to look at that sonogram video the day they found out that they were having a boy. No more baby albums. No more scrapbook albums that hours were spent on, no more baby’s first lock of hair or very first drawing, and no more preserved wedding dress, or the clothes that Joshua wore home from the hospital. It’s all gone.

I have never asked anyone for anything. Among being very proud, I am also very blessed. But, I will say this: If you could, or would like to contribute to this beautiful family’s fund to help them rebuild their lives, please, please, do so. They have nothing.

The link below is a Go Fund Me account that was set up for the Heath family, for online contributions.

Also, The Partin PTA is gathering donations and will match up to $200.  The funds will be used to provide gift cards from Wal-Mart and Target and will go directly to the family. Those interested in donating can make checks payable to the Partin PTA.  Checks can be dropped off or mailed to Partin Elementary at 1500 Twin Rivers Boulevard in Oviedo, 32766.  Please note that the donation is for the Heath family on the envelope or check. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.











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    1. insanitytara

      Thanks, Daniela. I have edited the blog and added this link on the page. When I published the blog last night, I was not aware of this fund, but it’s on the blog page now. Thanks so much, and I hope the word spreads quickly!

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