Biting my tongue in the midst of election season

Surprise, surprise. The season of hideousness is back. Gah. Every 4 years, I go through the same motions. I see the comments, I get hella annoyed by the hate, I fuhgedabout it, keep on scrolling, and in 5 more minutes, the cycle perpetuates itself again. More tongue biting, more scrolling through the schmuck bashing my “political party,” and I always, inevitably silently, solemnly vow to NEVER, ever partake in the ugly.

Elections bring out the worst in people. They will bash a candidate into a worthless crumble. It’s distasteful and unfortunate, but that’s not what bothers me most. What I despise during this season of exercising our constitutional rights the most is when people will knowingly attack a specific party of people on the opposing side of their beliefs – without remorse.  Now, that’s effing uncool.

Because, it’s getting REAL ugly. It invariably always does. I despise the ugly. I despise the name calling, the hurtful comments, the social media mentions that intentionally negatively classifies you and the ship you rode in on with your said party. It’s always a blanketed, “You damn liberals,” or “You worthless conservatives” type of umbrella comment that gets my heart palpitating with uncomfortable  and shingles. I know you have your preference – but don’t call me a piece of shit because I’m not your clone. I, of course – just like any other citizen on the planet – has their candidate that they prefer, that they’re just more in tune with. The candidate that they are hoping fights the good fight, and truly is for the people. But, as usual – it’s excruciatingly disheartening because people are constantly attacked strictly for their own personal political preferences.

republicans democratsI don’t get involved. Why would I even begin to try and argue with people about politics? That seems brainless. Things always get brutal. I have never been one of those people who think my opinion is the only one that matters, or one who feels that I am always right, and that everyone else who believes differently can suck it. However, things are constantly still said and comments are still made, whether in person or as I’m scrolling down. And it makes me wonder. It’s a real head scratcher. It begs the question – Where did you come from? What happened in your life that you did not learn to appreciate peace and or to restrain yourself against your ignoramus diarrhea remarks? Why do you need to insult and lower yourself, and spend so much energy on hate, and more importantly – why are you showing up on my news feed? #noclass

This will never happen. But this is super funny.
This will never happen. But it is super funny.

One very critical thing, and something that I definitely value and understand is that different strokes is what makes the world go ’round. Me and my significant other are on 2 opposite political party agendas! And I love him to pieces. We agree on the important things that I hold dear, and that’s really all that matters to me. You see, we do not judge each other for that preference. We actually respect and appreciate the fact that we do have different political priorities, however, our love for each other and our families trump anything else. My political party is mostly aligned with my own personal virtuous priorities. Everyone’s is. It’s the way I feel, and it’s what is utterly important to me, however – entering into an argument with anyone who opposes my ‘specific’ party, is not something that I feel like is personally necessary for me to function. It sucks, it’s rude AF, but my ego is just fine, and is luckily catered to by my precious family. I don’t need to win arguments. I don’t need to debate the opposing party. I do not need to try and change anyone’s mind. So, I always just grin and nod, bite my tongue until it bleeds, and breathe. And I’m happy to do so.

“Why wouldn’t you defend yourself?” You might ask. Easy. Because I respect the hell out of people, I would never want to offend anyone, and I have a very satisfying amount of inner peace. Making a comment lowers yourself to their level, and is an instantaneous one way ticket to argument town. Debating politics is one of the major social faux pas that I just refuse to ever get involved in. There is no point. Also – I’m not going to change anybody’s minds, and I know for damn sure that anyone will only be making my convictions more solid as well. I actually am able to enjoy my family members and friends who are a part of the opposite side. I already love and respect and value them. There’s never any point in arguing – it’s called maturity. Yes, a lot of times I do find myself having to get up and use the restroom and clip my toenails and check my face for blackheads when friends/acquaintances and some family members are deep in their political conversations. But, they never personally attack me, and also – they can all guarantee that I will never say anything offensive or hurtful to them.

political peace

Again – I’m all for everyone who gets involved in their beliefs, who are solid in their political stance, and wants to try and make a difference. That’s why this world, as imperfect as it is – has such beautiful potential. Just don’t be a jerkface about it. It’s the constant idiotic closed-minded “My way is the only way, IDIOTS!” comments that I can no longer tolerate. The bottom line is – here’s what I need in a leader: Someone kind-hearted who’s not an asshole. See, things fall into place after that, but each of decipher that criteria in different ways. And that’s okay. Here’s what you can count on: I’m not going to hunt you down and berate you for voting differently from me. I’m not going to openly talk about it to other people in the room and bash the hell out of the opposing party even when I know you’re probably the only one in the room who doesn’t agree. I’m not going to make a rude comment on social media, or even give you an ugly “disapproving face” as you walk by. Guess why? Because I don’t feel like that defines you as a person, and I’m not going to judge you solely on that act. And – I would NEVER want anybody to feel uncomfortable, out of place, awkward, or sad in the LEAST in my presence. I want you to always feel valued as a person, and who am I to try and impose my personal beliefs on ANYBODY?

I teach my kids to make up their own minds. When they or other kids start to regurgitate their approval for specific political candidates that either their Dad or their Mom fancies, I just want to ask them: “Why do you personally like that person?” Not to mention that they are just too damn young to even be commenting about politics. Correction -They’re never too young to be thinking about their personal platforms, however, nothing burns my bunghole than to hear a kid spew the exact same thing that their parent believes. Especially if it’s based on hate. In the end, I will respect the hell out of my kid even if they end up having opposing beliefs than me. Unless it’s due to a racist, sexist, or hateful agenda – I will always accept and approve of my child no matter who they turn out to be. And they can definitely count on that.

world peaceIsn’t this what America is all about? Choice and freedom? Love and understanding? Sure, we do have a history of being too nice. We are pretty naive as a country. I also understand the 5th amendment. I know we have a lot to fix and to learn. I know my political party isn’t perfect, and that both sides can be idealistic and possibly delusional on a number of topics. But – I just don’t get why you would intentionally attack a whole mass of people just because they have different beliefs than you. It’s not against the law, but it’s RUDE AF. And I’ve got kids to raise here, and I’ve got lessons to teach them about being open-minded, forgiving, loving and non-judgmental.

Please respect people’s choices. Let them go to the polls and vote for who they choose without giving them the what for. Let them exercise their rights, and get their gosh darn free sticker. And when you find out that they didn’t vote the same as you, don’t defriend them, kick them out of the PTA, publicly flog them, shame them, shun them, or anything else that starts with an SH.

Lastly – I would never want you to not feel like you could exercise your right to speak on your social media, in a social circle, or any other type of social gatherings. I love that people “like” certain political articles, memes, and shared comments. My only problem here is when you openly classify those on the other side as the pond scum that ruin this fantastic and evolving country. Otherwise, in my open minded, closed-mouthed and tongue biting pie hole, I will most definitely exercise my silent, peaceful and loving right to call you a big, ole stanky asshole.



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