You’re reading WHAT??

Gurl, I am ready. I’m bustin’ out, and I don’t care who knows it! So, I’m almost done with my Harry Potter series. That’s great news! It’s exciting because now I can read extra things. If I wanted, I could read ALL the things. I have options! The library is my oyster. What am I going to read? My bookshelf is abundantly overflowing, and it’s time to make a choice!
Okay, I think I just might be ready to read the new scandalous series addition that recently dropped that rhymes with “Nifty Bales of Hay.” My hubs bought it for me for Christmas. The only problem, though, is that I can’t bring it places! People are judgy with their closed-mouth glances and their uneven eyebrow glares. So, because I don’t feel like I could bring the book ANYWHERE without being shamed, or even to certain spots in my own house, I had to get the noggin cranking. It’s time to come up with some fake book coverings. I have seen some funny “fake book cover” memes on Facebook, so I decided that I’m going to design my own set. To be clear, I ride on Passenger Bus 428 A LOT. It’s weird. A lot of my reading material pertains to my specific bus route. #odd.
Because, sometimes you need a handbook.
This is a must have.
This is a must have.
Thank goodness someone wrote a guide.
Thank goodness someone wrote a guide.
Red-heads can run really fast.
Read at your leisure.


Those damn gingers.
Book19Book17And, because I love you…I saved the best one for last. Thanks for reading my shit for over 2 years now. Holla.


Ready to read the new scandalous series addition t


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