I have this situation. A non-life threatening situation. A catastrophic annoyance. A hella embarrassing disorder. A life long affliction. Fa life! I have been hit with a CLUMSY stick. It’s been that way my entire lifespan. I do not just have an ordinary case of the clumsies – I haveRead More →

When I was a fetus encased in my mom’s womb, I  remember thinking about the world. I remember philosophizing, speculating, daydreaming, debating and longing to have the chance to solicit some advice. There was also a lot of reflection. I was a baby think tank perched on top of myRead More →

Word. So most people have New Years Resolutions. Most people are normal. Most people are not me. I understand that people can change their ways at any point during the year. However, there’s something to be said for a rejuvenation, a renewal of New Year’s vows, and at the veryRead More →

So, nobody has ever accused me of having a “poker face.”  My emotions are always plastered directly on my face, where a person could read my mind sitting clear across the arena. But, they can’t read  my lips. #cameltoe. This is something that I am trying to work on. AsRead More →

Oh, hello.  So my FAVORITE time of year is here, the fall/winter tag team combo, including all my favorite holidays and traditions. As my faithful followers are already aware. These traditions that we totally make up, that are inconsistent as all get out, will more than likely have us laughing,Read More →