It’s that time again. I’m so nervous that the inside of my sphincter has sprouted wart shingles. Its time for spring Cleaning. Say what you will.  It’s a timeless cliche, nobody actually does it; Keep up with your chores and you won’t have to spring clean..blah blah.  But, my HUSBAND WILLRead More →

Look.  I’m NOT a tweeter.  Depending on what you call your private regions, I might have a tweeter, but I definitely am not one.  I Facebook, I iphone, I iPad, I scroll, scour, and peruse my Apple products.  I Facebook and I-everything. But, I’m not the best tweeter. I amRead More →

Over the weekend, one of the employees at Costco at the Winter Park location on University Boulevard sang Christmas Carols as shoppers checked-out in line. It was a big hit for all of the shoppers as clapping and whistles followed the conclusion to each of his songs. It was aRead More →