Mkay, people of the planet – I am thinking of taking my blogging to another level. I have hopes and dreams, and plans for higher standards, and sometimes I even dream of catching some pixie dust here and there. #lie. So, I have been wanting to be one of thoseRead More →

So, it’s that time of year again. The time of year where #elfhaters everywhere are coming out of the wood works elf shaming this poor, harmless, unsuspecting friendly Christmas apprentice. “I don’t have time!” or “What kind of person can think of all of these things?”  are just some ofRead More →

It’s that time again. I’m so nervous that the inside of my sphincter has sprouted wart shingles. Its time for spring Cleaning. Say what you will.  It’s a timeless cliche, nobody actually does it; Keep up with your chores and you won’t have to spring clean..blah blah.  But, my HUSBAND WILLRead More →

Oh, he-ey.  I’m feeling a little hum-drum; kind of apathetic, a little anti-spicy. In this next chapter of “Aren’t you jealous that you can’t be me?” I will compare and contrast even more of my #FAILS involved with my infinitely annoying cerebral setback. Sigh…. Having a Short Term Memory shortRead More →