The Post I Probably Shouldn’t Write….. how’s that for clickbait? Over the last few days, many businesses are cutting ties with the NRA. In case you’ve been living in a vacuum, here’s the reason why. So why would a “travel-themed” blogger even care? Traditionally, I’m a fisherman (in addition toRead More →

In the last few weeks, we’ve had #DragGate, #StrollerGate, #BathroomGate, #SlapGate and this past Tuesday, we had #RageGate. A scuffle or argument on an airplane has become a common occurrence. It will be captured on cell phone video and captured from more than one angle, so no need to worryRead More →

United Airlines Pilot Calls For ‘Common Decency,’ Bans Political Rants On Flight During his announcement, the pilot showed the kind of leadership political leaders should be demonstrating following a post-election surge in hate crimes. “If you support him, great. If you don’t I understand,” he said in an apparent referenceRead More →