The holidays can be stressful. The holidays can produce a broke, paranoid, hopeless, frustrated and psychologically bankrupt shell of a dumbass. With that being said, if I didn’t have a severe, troublesome and penetrating case of stage fright, I think my dream job would be a comedian. Not that I’mRead More →

So. Once again, I’ve been a-thinkin.’  My wires are crossing and short circuitry is transpiring. I’m proposing and entertaining so many things! What’s got my block in a twist is my newest fixation. I’m fixated (not orally) on something that I find beautifully intriguing about MOST PEOPLE. I feel likeRead More →

Oh. It’s me again. So, I’ve been pondering a few things as of late. I’ve been having a thought or two, and trying to chew on some super enlightening epiphanies. So here’s what ended up being the burning question: I wonder what my dream world would be like 5 yearsRead More →

I have this situation. A non-life threatening situation. A catastrophic annoyance. A hella embarrassing disorder. A life long affliction. Fa life! I have been hit with a CLUMSY stick. It’s been that way my entire lifespan. I do not just have an ordinary case of the clumsies – I haveRead More →