When I was a fetus encased in my mom’s womb, I  remember thinking about the world. I remember philosophizing, speculating, daydreaming, debating and longing to have the chance to solicit some advice. There was also a lot of reflection. I was a baby think tank perched on top of myRead More →

Sup.  So, my mom used to give me and my brother $150 worth of cold, hard cash to go “back to school clothes shopping” back in the day. That money covered jeans, tops, shoes, (both jelly and high tops) accessories, and a years’ supply of Aqua Net. I remember thinkingRead More →

So, I love a great one-liner, a fun knee slapper, a great joke. I appreciate this shit. A lot. Buuuuuut – I do unwillingly and begrudgingly admit, though, as much as I am a self-proclaimed and public proclaimed grammar Nazi, I am also sort of a shameful closet comedy Nazi.Read More →

Look here. Ima try to find things funny about my “invisibility complex.”  It’s real. It’s a thang. There have been examples, circumstances and moments that I can share. And I can overshare. So, the good news is that I do not have RBF. Certainly refreshing. However, I do have anRead More →

Look.  I’m NOT a tweeter.  Depending on what you call your private regions, I might have a tweeter, but I definitely am not one.  I Facebook, I iphone, I iPad, I scroll, scour, and peruse my Apple products.  I Facebook and I-everything. But, I’m not the best tweeter. I amRead More →