In this day and age, the world runs on connectivity. How often do we open a phone book? Do you still own an encyclopedia? At Chateau’ Relaxo those answers are “never” and “no”. I’m dependent on my smartphone, it’s my concierge, my travel agent, and my entertainment coordinator….aka…. my informationRead More →

This Month Snakes More snakes Spellcheck Booze and head-butts…… Thank you Florida Another reason to not check your luggage FREE PIZZA! 20 snakes found in hand luggage of man flying from Düsseldorf –  A passenger flew from Düsseldorf to Moscow with 20 snakes in his hand luggage, an airport authorityRead More →

From the Points Guy At last! You’ve finally earned that coveted elite status, and now you get free drinks on all your complimentary upgraded flights. Or maybe it’s been one grueling business travel week, and you just can’t wait to plop down in your seat and order that gin andRead More →

First, there was uberPOOL. When a company begins combining independent words to form a new word and then randomly interjects upper and lower case letters I immediately start shaking my head, WTH. uberPOOL, WTH is that? Strangers riding together, what could possibly go wrong? This…. Man unexpectedly shares carpool ride with ex-GF aheadRead More →

In my youth, I wanted to be a bartender… ever seen the movie Cocktail? Somewhere along the way, my passion turned from booze to technology. Now I love dive bars, Wally’s on Mills rocks, check out the wallpaper. But if I’m having a business meeting that includes people with initials after theirRead More →

That collective sigh you hear is from teachers, summer has arrived. For many, summer travel season has begun. I spent the last six Monday’s through Friday’s on the road so I decided to take a Staycation last week. Here are a few travel tips and some activities that might helpRead More →

  I’m in Las Vegas this week, and I end up here about once a year for some type of meeting or convention. Over those years, I haven’t had much time to spend enjoying the shows or restaurants, so if you’re looking for that type of information, unfortunately, this postRead More →

Last week the Travel Blogosphere was on high alert with American Express’s recent update to their Platinum Card. I got my first American Express card, in 1992 and at that age and income level, I had no business having one. For 25 years it’s been my go-to card, they offerRead More →