11 Additional Airlines To Offer TSA PreCheck

11 Additional Airlines To Offer TSA PreCheck

National Press ReleaseTSAPrecheck
Thursday, January 26, 2017

WASHINGTON — The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today announced the expansion of TSA Pre® to 11 new airlines, bringing the total number of airlines participating in TSA Pre® to 30. The expansion includes both foreign and domestic airlines operating within the United States. Effective immediately, eligible passengers traveling on Aruba Airlines, Avianca, Boutique Airlines, Emirates, Key Lime Air, Miami Air International, Southern Airways Express, Spirit Airlines, Sunwing, Virgin Atlantic, and Xtra Airways will now have the opportunity to experience expedited screening.

TSA Pre® is an expedited screening program that enables trusted travelers to enjoy a secure and efficient screening experience at more than 180 U.S. airports. TSA Pre® travelers do not need to remove shoes, laptops, 3-1-1 liquids, belts or light jackets. Last month, 97 percent of TSA Pre® passengers got through an expedited screening lane in less than 5 minutes.        Read More

Some of these airlines I’ve never heard of, and more than likely, with some of them the same person that takes your ticket pilots the plane.

TSA PreCheck


It just so happens that Avianca, Emirates, Miami Air International, Spirit Airlines, Sunwing & Virgin Atlantic all fly out of Orlando International. I agree with their figure of spending 5 minutes or less in screening lanes, with the one exception being Atlanta Hartsfield, there’s just not enough TSAPrecheck lanes there for the number of passengers.

Summer is fast approaching so if you plan to apply for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry get on it as appointments are filling up.

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