5 Places To Eat In Savannah, GA

5 Places To Eat In Savannah, GA

I found myself heading up, and down the coast this week, Stuart, FL, Brunswick and Savannah, GA, in spite of Hurricane Matthew, there I said it, Hurricane Matthew.

Made it to Stuart, FL early this week and then this storm hoopla hit a fevered pitch, so I returned to home base and am finishing my week there. My plans were to  be in Savannah this evening smashing a Meatloaf Burger at the Crystal Beer Parlor.

Back to our regularly scheduled post……… 

If you’ve never been to Savannah, GA, you’re really missing out on something special. Savannah is an easy 4-hour drive up I-95, perfect for a weekend trip.

A few Savannah facts:

  • Parts of Forest Gump were filmed in Savannah.
  • The Pirates’ House was an inn that is mentioned in Robert Louis Stevenson’s book “Treasure Island”, it is now a restaurant.
  • Savannah was home to the sailing competitions during the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta.
  • The Irish were among Savannah’s first settlers, which is why the city hosts one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country.
  • Savannah has no open container laws, meaning you can spend a day at the park with a drink in hand in case you happen to be a raging alcoholic, or a craft beer enthusiast.
  • They have a McDonalds with a walk-up window.
  • Some claim that Savannah is the most haunted city in America; I claim that it’s a great place for a meal.


If you find yourself rolling into Savannah, there’s plenty to do and see, from ghost tours to wandering through the cemeteries, if you’re bored it’s your own damn fault.

When it comes to food in Savannah, it’s easy to believe the hype and find yourself at Lady & Sons dropping $18.00 on a marginal buffet dinner; however they do have a gift shop if you feel the need to load up on Paula Deen gear.

For lunch consider these two stops:

B&D Burgers – They have 4 locations, my choice is just a few blocks off Bay St., at 13 E. Broughton St. B&D. B&D offers a great menu, which normally starts with Alligator Fritters, made from Georgia alligators…… nah, I just made that up. My favorite main course is The Telfair, a patty blanketed with sharp cheddar cheese then crowned with applewood smoked bacon. Ask for it to be made with a Bison patty, you won’t regret it. Grab extra napkins, as you’ll have deliciousness running down your chin.

Moon River Brewing Company – A brewery for lunch? Yes, we all need some discipline, but feel safe sitting in their Beer Garden. Order “Devils on Horseback”, bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almonds & roasted, it might sound sketchy, it’s worth the adventure. Follow that with some Tacodillas, spicy beef brisket in some sort of a quesadilla taco shell. Located on Bay Street, it’s in the heart of the Savannah strip.

When dinnertime hits I forget that whole “dinner like a pauper” bit, I’m hungry. My three stops are:

Vinnie Van Go-Go’s – First thing it’s CASH ONLY, but they do have an ATM in case you forget. This place is small, so they do have rules, “No Pizza For You”. Their menu is solid, so no matter what you order it’ll be good. They also offer Yuppie Toppings, (In 2016 it’s Hipster Toppings) such as Banana Peppers, Broccoli, Fresh Mushrooms, Spinach, Green Olives, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Feta.

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room – Located at 107 West Jones Street it’s a bit off the main drag, but still within walking distance. Mrs. Wilkes is your quintessential Southern restaurant. From fried chicken to meatloaf and butter beans to collard greens, this place will fill your belly. Another place that doesn’t accept charge cards.

Crystal Beer Parlor – Built in 1933, this is my favorite stop; I enjoy everything about this place. There’s a beautiful wood bar that seats at least 25, and the surrounding booths are upholstered in this warm burgundy pleather. A throwback to days past, when men held the door open for women and removed their hat upon entering a room. Crystal’s food offerings lean towards Southern Comfort, not the booze, however they do sell it. Begin with Fried Green Tomatoes followed by a Meatloaf Burger. That sound you hear as you’re eating is YOU getting fat. Here’s what I enjoy the most, they offer a beer selection known as Beers of our Fathers. This beer menu brings me back to a day when my father cut the grass in long khaki pants, we grilled out over charcoal and my mother made a salmon molds for every party. I’m talking about throwing back a Lone Star or a Genesee Cream Ale. Beers that we drank before the craft beer revolution, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Even USA Today is a fan of this place.

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