Asheville, A Great Beer Town

Asheville, A Great Beer Town


Last Friday I was in the Newark Airport heading back to O-Town and as I was reading my complimentary hotel copy of USA Today I came across Tasting Asheville: From beer town to culinary capital. In full disclosure, I’m a sucker for anything Asheville, growing I spent summers rambling through the surrounding mountains, in later life my parents lived there and currently my sister resides there.

Asheville is a great destination, from staying at the Grove Park Inn to rafting the Nantahala River there’s no shortage of adventures. If you’re a “Beer Person”,  there’s also no shortage of beer adventures. I did a short, 2-day beer tour through Asheville a few years ago, and here are some recommendations.

But first some tips:

  • Have a designated driver. Got a kid that’s old enough to drive? Time for them to “man-up” and give back to the family.
  • No kids handy, then consider Uber.
  • Pace yourself, order a flight of beer instead of individual pints, it’s a journey, not a destination.
  • Stay hydrated, make sure to take a break and drink some water, and while you’re at it have some food.
  • Expand your beer palate, try an IPA or even a double IPA. You’re not at home glued to your sofa watching football, drinking cheap beer and eating nachos.
  • Looking to brush up on your beer knowledge? Then spend a few minutes on Beeradvocate or fellow Blogger Chad Polenz’s site ChadzBeerReviews before you head out.


You really can’t go wrong when looking for great beer in Asheville, but here are a few places worth stopping in at.

Wicked Weed

Wicked Weed is located towards the south end of the village right off Biltmore Avenue. They offer some bottled high octane seasonal brews and their Funkatorium selection rotates on a regular basis. They even offer a reduced gluten ale weighing in at 7.5% ABV. They opened a production location last year so save some room in the luggage to bring home a few. They offer brewery tours, but I don’t recall seeing any food offerings.


Asheville Brewing

Ashville Brewing has been around long before the current craft beer movement and their Coxe Avenue location is within walking distance of Wicked Weed. Make sure to try their Ninja Porter as well as the Fire Escape, think jalapeño beer done right. They offer an excellent food menu as well.


Burial BeerBurial Beer Co. is filled with people and eclectic artwork. Their decor matches their logo, Slingblade meets Pulp Fiction. Bring the kids and the dogs and settle in for a tasty afternoon filled with IPA’s and Saison’s.

Production brewer New Belgium also has an Asheville location, complete with tours. The taproom is filled with most of their current offerings, but at least they’re all under one roof.

After all this beer you’re bound to get hungry and one of my favorite stops is the White Duck Taco Shop. White Duck is one of those places where everything is good, but do try an order of their Thai Peanut Chicken tacos, you won’t be sorry unless you have a peanut allergy, then you’ll probably be sorry.



One of my first bosses used to say “Let me draw you a picture“, in this case, let me draw you an Asheville Brewery map with directions to all the breweries. If you’re looking to skip the whole brewery experience then do yourself a favor and stop in at any of the neighboring grocery stores as most of them do a great job of stocking local beer.

You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.

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