August Crazy Travel Roundup

Closing this month a bit early since August offered content overload.

This Month

  • Plane vs. Pole, Guess Who Wins?
  • Catfished into being a “Coke Mule” heading to Sydney.
  • Sex Toy Airport Shutdown. Ha…..
  • Kids Stuck In A Hotel With Strangers. Not OK.
  • Don’t Take The Beer Without Permission. A complete violation.
  • It’s Not OK To Urinate On Strangers, Even After Drinking. I’ll let this just sit here.


A Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 was accidentally towed into a pole at the Rome airport on Wednesday. Photo: Rome Aviation Spotters Facebook

Cathay Pacific plane hits pole at Rome airport, leaving right wing badly crushed

The Boeing 777-300ER aircraft was being towed by a truck at Leonardo da Vinci – Fiumicino Airport.
The right wing of a Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 777 plane was badly crushed after it hit a floodlight pole at Rome airport on Wednesday morning, as the plane was being towed by ground staff. LINK

As they say, “When in Rome”, however, I don’t think that covers slamming the wing of the plane into a pole.

The cocaine was found in Woodrum’s luggage after her bags were screened.
Photo: Australian Border Force

Devout US woman found with cocaine hidden in her shoes at Sydney Airport

Denise Marie Woodrum believed she would never love again.
But after a failed marriage and major health problems that came with crippling bills, the US citizen who lived alone met someone special.
She had told him of her happiness waking up every morning and of her dream that they would settle down together.”Can you promise you will never leave me?” the 51-year-old texted him on July 11 last year. “You are my Only and First True Family!!! [sic]” Less than a month later, the Missouri woman who was a lay associate of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ would be importing cocaine concealed inside a pair of high-heel shoes into Sydney Airport. LINK

This is sad, not funny…… but it is crazy travel. Poor Denise got “Catfished” and the only video evidence of it was from the TSA Scanner.

Sex Toys Mistaken for Bombs, Shut Down Berlin Airport

Terminal D of Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport (SXF) was shut down on Tuesday after security officers saw “suspicious content in a luggage piece,” through the baggage X-ray, Berlin law enforcement officials said.

Luggage scans showed possible parts of a bomb inside, and a security alert was issued at about 11:00am on Tuesday, which shut down the terminal while the bomb squad could investigate the bag.

After an hour-long investigation, the bomb squad found that those “suspicious” items were not an explosive device, but actually a collection of various sex toys. LINK

When I first read this story it took me a few minutes to wipe the soda off my laptop screen after I did a spit-take. The picture above is my luggage getting searched in Memphis. The monitor on the left shows a diagonal shadow, and that’s why my bag was pulled.

Closer inspection by TSA revealed a 12″ long phallic shaped tube of deer sausage. The TSA agent looked at me, I looked at him and then I shrugged my shoulders. We haven’t spoken since.

Unaccompanied kids on Frontier flight end up in hotel with airline employee, parents say

Carter Gray, 9 and his sister Etta, 7, were traveling as unaccompanied minors on a Frontier airline flight from Des Moines, Iowa, to Orlando, chaperoned by a Frontier employee, when severe storms forced the plane to divert to Atlanta. Carter and Etta’s parents say they received a text message from their son saying a Frontier employee would take them to a hotel to stay overnight, but the parents are now speaking out, warning other parents to double check airline rules about unaccompanied minors. NBC’s Blake McCoy reports for TODAY. LINK

The video link offers more information and insight. That being said Frontier should have involved the authorities and had them watch the kids…….. which still would have caused a stir but at least at least someone trained would’ve been watching the kids. BTW I will never fly Frontier!


MIAMI — An off-duty Emirati Pilot threatened to blow up an Airbus A380 it was flying as a passenger and assaulted a flight attendant.According to several sources in the UAE, the Pilot was traveling from Madrid to Dubai. During the boarding process, he asked a Flight Attendant whether smoking was permitted on the flight.
After takeoff, the 27-year-old Pilot began cursing at other passengers, insulted and assaulted a Romanian Flight Attendant, and grabbed two beers without the permission of the attending crew members.           

The off-duty Pilot continued misbehaving and, following an unsuccessful attempt to calm him down, the flight attendants were forced to restrain him with plastic handcuffs. LINK

Here are a few things I can tell you about air travel. First, you can’t threaten to blow anything up, not even a ballon. Second, you can’t take beers without asking, they’re serious about that stuff. The odd thing is that they restrained him with plastic handcuffs and somehow Houdini never figured it out and tried to escape.


Denish Kishorchandra Parekh (24) may have been inebriated when he urinated on a 50-year-old Japanese passenger while they were on a flight from Chicago to Tokyo. According to Newsweek, the gentleman is alleged to have consumed “at least” four glasses of champagne and a cup of sake before getting up to evacuate the contents of his distended bladder on his fellow passenger seated two rows behind him. Parekh, who was arrested when the plane landed at Narita International Airport, now says he doesn’t remember a thing, which is something people who do bad things often say as a way to avoid taking responsibility. LINK

may have been inebriatedI’m not a doctor but I’m guessing that at least four glasses of champagne and a cup of sake” just might put you in an inebriated state. We all have kinks, but if yours is urinating on complete strangers….. that’s not OK.

** Side note I used this version of the story because really wanted to show the picture above.

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