Dating And Air Travel

Dating And Air Travel

This will be a quick one.

I’m an information junkie, now most of the information is useless but I do know how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew, actually 10 ways.

Today I came across the app AirDates and I actually unhinged my jaw as I read about it.



The Only Inflight Dating App !
Chat on the Plane between Passengers WITHOUT INTERNET

Start in the Lounge – Chat on the Plane



I think apps likeTinder are useful, but they’re not for me. I could post a solid profile picture if I shot it from above my head and applied the right filter, besides I’m happily married. Now you’re faced with closing the deal between TSA and a safe landing.

For me, time on a plane is used to unplug, no phone, no e-mail and no texts for a few hours. Most trips I’ll spend a few minutes meditating, or reading, but now I’ve got to put together a 30,000 foot hook-up, I’ll pass.

Wait there’s more, they have a video


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