December Crazy Travel Roundup, Part 1

December Crazy Travel Roundup, Part 1

As expected the December Crazy Travel Roundup started out with a bang. So much so, that we’re going to break it up into two installments.


Marriott Hotels is coming clean about its latest innovation quest – helping guests capture their moments of inspiration in the shower. Who hasn’t come up with a brilliant idea while shampooing, and then forgets it by the time they are rinsing? After learning that over half of business travelers feel that their best ideas come while showering, Marriott Hotels is testing a one-of-a-kind technology that allows guests to scribe or sketch their brilliant ideas and send it to themselves before they get washed down the drain.

When I’m showering my main focus is getting clean. Marriott believes that I’m coming up with groundbreaking ideas, doubtful. never the less a perfect time to practice doodling.

Homeless’ man found €300,000 in Paris airport LINK – Christmas came early for someone and to the tune of $352,000.00. It just so happens that someone left the door open to the cash management office and said homeless man leaned against it, walked in and emerged with 2 bags moments later. The best part of BBC articles is that they use words like fortuitous.

If you happen to be flying out of Rochester keep your eyes open for Kyran Ashford. From gate to ramp Kyran will keep you entertained. Kyran has a YouTube channel if you want to go down that black hole.

December Crazy Travel Roundup

I’m a fan of George Clooney, he exudes class. Recently he showed that class in a unique way……LINK

We’re told George handed out some wireless headphones worth $350 featuring the Casamigos Tequila logo. The headphones are limited edition and hail from George and Rande Gerber’s “House of Friends” … an exclusive stash handed out to people close to them. The headphones are definitely a keepsake because only George and Rande have them.

The headphones were also accompanied by a note apologizing ahead of time in case the kiddos started bawling or getting loud. Talk about knowing your audience.

I’d take a free set of headphones in exchange for some kid random making noise.
Uber charges Toronto customer more than $18,000 for short downtown ride LINK – 

TORONTO – Uber is apologizing to a customer who was charged more than $18,000 for a short ride in downtown Toronto.

Photos posted on social media over the weekend showed that an Uber rider was billed $18,518.50 for a 21-minute Uber ride.

I’ve attached some crazy receipts to expense reports, but there’s no way in hell an 18k UBER ride would make it past the corporate bean counters.

Plane Diverts After Angry Woman Is Denied Champagne  – LINK

German police said that the passenger became very aggressive after continually demanding more bubbly until she was cut off by the crew, according to Swiss newspaper Blick. She then started pacing around the cabin and even grabbed a crew member by the wrist.

Nothing good happens when you mix booze and flying. This plane got diverted to Stuttgart with less than an hour of flight time left. In my world, that’s enough to get you put in airplane jail.

December Crazy Travel Roundup

Passenger Pulled Out of Lavatory for Smoking, Threatens to Kill Everyone on the Plane – LINK

A woman sitting in the bulkhead on Southwest Airlines flight WN2943 from Portland to Sacramento on Saturday was caught smoking. The woman had tampered with the smoke detector on the lavatory.

Portland to Sacramento is roughly an hour and a half flight, is it that hard to abstain for 90 minutes? The fact that you threaten to kill me, well that takes it to a whole different level….. my suggestion is that you go outside and practice falling down.

I hope this was entertaining, we’ll be back with an update in a few weeks.

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