December Crazy Travel Roundup

December Crazy Travel Roundup

Have we all survived the “Holiday Travel Season”?

This Month

  • Finger Trama
  • Nun Yo’ Business
  • Greatest Dad ever
  • One fish Red fish two fish Blue Fish.
  • Lil Pump is a Lil Chump

Man Suing Airlines After Finger Caught in Armrest

A man who alleges one of his pinky fingers was snared in an airline armrest mechanism for nearly an hour during a flight to Los Angeles is suing two airlines, alleging negligence.

Stephen Keys’ Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit names as defendants both American Airlines Inc. and SkyWest Airlines Inc. He’s seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

A representative for American, one of several airlines that have flying agreements with SkyWest, referred all comment to SkyWest, which issued a statement this afternoon.

“The comfort and safety of our passengers is our first priority,” the SkyWest statement reads. “We worked with our partner American to reach out to Mr. Keys regarding his bruised finger and look forward to swiftly resolving this matter. Due to the ongoing litigation, we cannot comment further.” LINK

I’m a male and I’ve been on this planet 50+ years and I can tell you us men, yes all of us, enjoy trying to stick parts of our bodies in odd places. I’ll just leave this here to marinate.

Two Nuns Steal From School to Travel and Gamble – 

Nuns take vows of poverty – but a recent news story out of Southern California shows that at least two of them don’t always follow through.
Last week, St. James Catholic School notified students and parish members that their principal Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and former teacher Sister Lana Chang had stolen $500,000 from tuition and other school funds to travel and gamble. LINK

The easy fodder with this one is to pick the religious angle, it’s not, Nuns have been running bingo games for decades. The gold in this story is stealing the funds in order to travel and gamble, does it get any better? Then finding out the pilfering came from the Catholic School… and the answer is YES, it does get better. In the words of Peter Drucker: “What gets measured gets managed.”

She worked over Christmas as a flight attendant, so dad booked flights to join her

An Ohio man says he experienced a special kind of Christmas cheer aboard a Christmas Eve flight: A father flying just so he could spend time with his daughter, who was working as a flight attendant.

In a Facebook post that has since been shared tens of thousands of times, Mike Levy said he sat next a to man, Hal, who had booked multiple flights so he could spend Christmas with his daughter, a flight attendant working over the holiday. LINK

It’s rare that I use the word “Hardcore” since I’m not from NY or NJ. But, Hal embraced being a hardcore father as he took six flights in order to spend time with his daughter over the Christmas holiday.

National City woman forced to give up pet fish prior to Southwest flight

(KGTV) — A National City woman is heartbroken after she was forced to leave her beloved fish at Denver International Airport.

It was supposed to be a happy homecoming for Lanice Powless hand her best friend.

“I’ve taken him everywhere with me,” she said.

But Wednesday, the University of Colorado sophomore left Denver without “Cassie,” her pink, male beta fish. LINK

My task is to summarize the stories. However, this one might be worth the read. In the past year, we’ve had support peacocks and squirrels, now we’ve got flying fish? This is as Bat-S crazy as it gets.


Lil Pump’s flight to L.A. was cut short — as in, he never got off the ground because TSA allegedly found drugs in his luggage … TMZ has learned.

Pump was flying from Miami Thursday afternoon, and our sources say he and his crew had all boarded the flight, but before it pushed back from the gate … a flight attendant told them there was a problem.

We’re told Pump and co. were booted off the flight, and cops met them in the terminal to question Pump about what 2 airline sources said were drugs found in a checked bag with his name on it. LINK

If your first name is “Lil” and your last name is “Pump”, honestly I wish you the best. It appears that Lil Pump’s luggage reeked of the Devil’s  Lettuce… weed! What the hell did this Lil Freak expect? Sidenote, Lil Pump your face looks like what we did to the first guy that passed out at our parties. #JustSaying

Five down and dirty December stories, my guess is that January will fully embrace 2019.

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