Father’s Day Gifts For The Traveling Dad, A Podcast

Father’s Day Gifts For The Traveling Dad, A Podcast

Last week  I popped up to Albany, the second time in the last 30 days. Stayed at a Marriott, the first time in a long time. Need 60 more nights for lifetime ???? Albany was great 55 in the morning and then never out of the 70’s. Not sure if I want to be there in January.

A few food and libation stops. The first was Dinosaur BBQ in Troy. Located on the Hudson River and a wonderful place to spend Monday evening. Started with some Fried Green Tomatoes, which I’d put on par with those from the Blue Willow Inn, located in Social Circle, Georgia. My two combo plate was wings, ribs, mac-n-cheese and slaw. Ribs were fall of the bone good as were the wings. The mac-n-cheese was kicked up a bit with jalapeno. Their sauces were delicious, but none of the food really needed it. The beer was Juice Bomb from Sloop Brewing, an IPA coming in at 6.5% ABV. It was one of the cloudiest beers I’ve ever seen, but it didn’t detract from the taste. After a meal like that, you need to walk it off, so we walked down the street to Brown’s Brewing. I ordered their Oatmeal Stout and it held true to being a traditional stout. Often stouts stray, this one didn’t and it won the 2004 Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup. 15 years later it’s still on tap.

Lunch was at Peper Jack’sPepper Jack’s reminded me of your standard neighborhood lunchtime eatery. But. it’s not they’re open most nights till 10:00 PM and they assured me that it’s busy right up to closing time. The menu covers the food gamut, burgers, burritos, salads, wraps and sandwiches….. there is something for everyone. They’re so cool that the building has two entrances and since our group was “cool” we came in through the backdoor.

Father’s Day is just around the corner. so here are some last minute gift ideas that just might help.

Growing up my dad called cologne sweet smell, and in the 70’s he wore Pierre Cardin. The bottle is a phallic symbol if there ever was one, and it still is. Often a full bottle of cologne won’t make it past TSA. Consider these options – Solid cologne normally less than $30.00. A cologne atomizer, for. less than $10.00 and refillable with your own favorites. How about a cologne subscription? $15.00 each month at Scentbird gets dad  .27 ozs of a name brand cologne. None of that “If you like Polo, you’ll love Donkey” advertising BS. Like they say it’s better to smell good than to look good.

Like Oprah, I have a short list of my favorite things. Skullcandy headphones can’t be beaten for the price. When it comes to electronic accessories, Anker rocks. And EliteFTS produces the best strength and conditioning equipment, hands down. I recently got a new backpack from Everki and it’s on it’s way to that list. Over the years I’ve tried almost every type of bag out there, but Everki pays close attention to the small things. When it comes to gear that you use every day it’s tough to change. I’ve used a TravelPro bag for years because I know where everything fits in that bag and what each pocket holds. There are a few challenges with backpacks. First, if the interior is black most of my stuff is black and it’s going to be hard to locate it. Another is that everything settles to the bottom. With the Everki Atlas there are plenty of pockets up high on the interior which addresses the settling issue. These bags aren’t cheap, but from a design and functionality aspect, it’s money well spent. I don’t recommend buying luggage or backpacks for others, so slide Dad an Amazon gift card with the link to Everki’s website.

I’m in and out of my backpack a dozen times each day, and I carry so much stuff it’s easy to lose track of it. Get Dad a pack, or two of Tile Pros. Attach them to most anything you find valuable and no longer worry about leaving them behind. Purchase the Pro version as it has a replaceable battery. Use your Smartphone to locate misplaced items.

Stanley Happy Hour Shaker can provide some at home comfort while traveling. We’ve all had to entertain on the road and paper hotel cups leave a bit to be desired, plus you don’t have any kind of a shaker. This happy hour shaker checks all the boxes. Plus do Dad a favor and throw in a few of his favorite mini-bottle, just remember to keep them under 3.4 ozs.

Staying in shape on the road can be a grind, hotel gyms are getting better, but often they’re busy. Throw $33.00 towards a set or resistance bands. There’s an endless supply of stand-alone exercises that can be done with these, but they can be combined with dumbbells to add a bit more of a challenge.


Dad might be on the information cul-de-sac but he probably still likes taking pictures and then trying to post them, hashtags and all on Instagram. Grab a clip-on lens kit for his phone. Clip-on means he doesn’t have to call you to help install it.

Looking for something small and useful? A retractable lint roller is handy. A sewing kit. Collar stays. Collar Extenders. A Tide Pen. Gear Ties. A Fire TV Stick.

There’s an endless supply of others things out there, just keep in mind size and weight, both can throw a roadwarrior off their game, which translates to “They might only use it once.”

There you have it, safe travels and thanks for listening.

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