Goodbye HypeOrlando And April Crazy Travel Roundup

Goodbye HypeOrlando And April Crazy Travel Roundup

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Sad, not crazy news to start off with, as of April 30th HypeOrlando will cease to exist.

A big thank you to Katie Parsons at Mumbling Mommy who tirelessly promoted our content across the interwebs. I always looked forward to the latest posts from, Forever Young, But Growing OldHospitality HiveHouse CallsRunning From Insanity and My Quest to Teach with SWAG just to name a few. Each of us come from different backgrounds and told different stories all which made for great reading.

Back And Gone Again will be back in early May. Right after I finish reading WordPress for Dummies or adopting some web-savvy 13 year old.

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Here’s what’s in store

  • Fights, no surprise there.
  • A bit of nudity, no surprise there.
  • Drunkenness, no surprise there.
  • TSA, no surprise there, but a different angle.
  • Lap dances, something new.
  • Airplane bird, something new.


There were several Southwest stories this month but after the last few days, they don’t need any “Craziness” help from me.


Crazy Travel

Booze and lap dances at 30,000 feet – Booze shows up every month, but booze mixed with lap dances is a first. Willing to bet it was Skky Vodka.

THREE boozy girl pals are pulled apart by a jet’s cabin crew — in a boozy brawl at 30,000ft.

The trio, thought to be lap dancers, scrapped, tore one another’s hair out and left one with a bloodied face.
Their drunken swearing had earlier drawn complaints on the easyJet Gatwick-Tenerife flight.

Firm boss Angie Dilloway, 50 — whose daughter Bella, ten, is heard screaming in footage of the fight — said staff seized their booze but they got it back.

Angie, of Aylesford, Kent, added: “No one expected it to happen. They were friends and cuddling one minute and then getting louder and drinking Grey Goose vodka the next.



Just for reference, you can’t yell BOMB on an airplane – This happened on April 15th, possibly Kraatz thought it was tax day and went off the deep end. Of course, Kraatz was shirtless when they escorted him out of the airport.

Flight 570 was still grounded on the tarmac at Denver International Airport when the incident unfolded late Sunday evening (April 15).

Passenger Tara Kraatz said she heard the man “yelling bomb” before “starting a fight” with another passenger and opening one of the aircraft’s emergency doors.

Crazy Travel

Drunk British Airways flight attendant fined for being 10 times over legal limit – Damn Patricia I know it’s Spring Break but for the love of all that’s holy you’re 51…. pace yourself. Again, I’m willing to bet it was Skky Vodka.

A British Airways flight attendant has been terminated and fined after she was found to be more than 10 times the legal alcohol limit while working on a flight from Singapore to England in February. Patricia Casey, 51, reportedly had eight shots of vodka during the 13-and-a-half hour flight.


Delta passenger claims intoxicated woman groped him before flight – Stranger danger! Look having someone check your oil mid-flight is as bad as having someone kick the back of your seat. I’m guessing that Donald didn’t find her attractive.

Delta passenger Donald Deschamps says he’s planning on filing a report with the airport authority police after he was allegedly groped by an intoxicated woman during a Sunday night flight.

Deschamps was flying with Delta Air Lines from Detroit to Denver, and had just taken his seat aboard the aircraft, Fox 2 Detroit reports. Then, moments before takeoff, he claims he felt a hand reach up from the seats behind him and grab him.

Deschamps said the woman was ultimately escorted off the plane by flight attendants who literally had to help her down the aisle “because she was so intoxicated.”


Crazy Travel

Teen With Autism Gets a Helping Hand From TSA During Rush Hour – The crazy part of this story is that someone is praising TSA, and they put it in print!

In Angie’s own words, here’s what happened:

Zion and I, along with my daughter Zoë (who is 15 and not special needs), were traveling to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, to stay with my best friend and her family for spring break.

Two years ago we drove, and it was beyond painful: 42-hour round-trip due to traffic, construction and accidents. Ugh!

So this time, we decided to fly. I figured it would be challenging, but decided that we could do anything to get through a 2-hour direct flight in lieu of that insane drive.

TSA made it flawless. Then between the iPad and good headphones, some lollipops, stickers and a coloring book, he never made a peep. Allegiant was amazing as well!



Stowaway bird soars up and down the cabin – I love watching airport birds, the ones that get trapped inside the terminal surviving on leftover Sabarro pizza crusts. Recently one of these birds got an upgrade from airport bird to airplane bird. Imagine how freaked out this little guy was after the 3200-mile flight. He should’ve just perched himself on the back of a seat and let the airplane do all the work.

Travellers on a Qatar flight from Bangkok to Doha were shocked to discover a stowaway bird soaring up and down the cabin four hours into their journey.

Jake Buckingham, from London, posted a clip of the small bird hiding above the overhead luggage before swooping down and flying around the aisles.

Several passengers are seen trying to grab the bird, including a small child, while others recorded the amusing sight.


Thanks again for stopping by and reading the ramblings of a road warrior.

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