Hacking Your Hotel Room

Hacking Your Hotel Room


Growing up I was a huge fan of the television show MacGyver. Mac had this ability to “hack” his way out of most any situation. The ability to thwart an alarm with nothing more than duct tape and a bobby pin would be a great addition to my resume’.

Years later I’m still intrigued by hacking. Often hacking goes hand in hand with security breaches and the damage they produce. That’s not always the case. I view hacking as getting tasks accomplished using unconventional methods. Often getting them accomplished more efficiently than with the traditional methods. If you’ve ever been on a diet, or as some say “a lifestyle change“, you’ve participated in a form of body hacking.

The next time you travel, why not try hacking your hotel room?


Hacking a Hotel Room The first one is simple. What happens if your hotel room doesn’t have a fridge? Then fill your bathroom sink with ice, add you perishables (beer) and cover with a towel. The ice will last overnight, then refill it the next day.

An added hack is to use the plastic laundry bag for transporting the ice. Using the ice bucket requires too many trips, I know from experience. Also, don’t ever use the ice from the ice machine in your drinks, as those machines are nasty.

Hacking a Hotel RoomTraveling with a forgetful spouse or child? Nothing can ruin a trip faster than forgetting his or her phone or tablet charger. Many hotels are installing USB chargers on bedside tables. Yet, with all our devices it’s easy to use those connections up in no time at all.

On the back of most TV’s, there’s a USB connection which can charge your phone or tablet. If you forget your charging cable you can always ask the front desk if there’s a forgotten one behind the counter. Please do the right thing and return it when you check out.


Hacking Your Hotel RoomWhat do you do if the hotels imported rubberized blackout drapes refuse to stay closed? Pin them shut with one of the hotels coats hangers.

I travel with a handful of black binder clips. Perfect for holding paper receipts as well as sealing that half-eaten bag of Baked Lays that the hotel staff gives me at check-in.


Hacking a Hotel RoomThere’s a reason I live in Florida, it’s the lack of any distinct winter. Venturing north of the state line it’s easy to realize that other states do take part in winter.

Turning on a hotel room’s heater will usually draw all the moisture out of the air. This often results in “jacked-up” sinuses by morning. My fix is filling the ice bucket with water. Next step is baptizing one of my rooms hand towels in it and finally placing it on the rooms AC unit. Often this will put enough moisture back into the room and save my sinuses as I sleep.

Hacking a Hotel RoomWhile on the subject of climate, let’s visit the thermostat. Often you will find that there is a limit on the temperature range. If you discover that repetitively pressing the down arrow won’t let you lower the AC below 71 it’s going to be a warm night. Head over to YouTube and search for something like, “overriding a Honeywell thermostat“. More than likely, you’ll see enough choices to keep you busy for a solid 20 minutes.

Hacking a Hotel Room

Are you a Germaphobe? I’m not; I spend too much time in too many places to be seeking out hand sanitizer every 10 minutes. Before heading out throw a handful of Zip-Lock bags in your suitcase, as they’re indispensable. Perfect for transporting wet clothes, seashells or the remaining bathroom toiletries home. Their greatest use is being a rogue “TV Remote Condom“. All reports suggest that the hotel TV remote is the nastiest germ ridden device on the planet. Using a three cent baggie renders those germs useless.

Next time you travel think have some fun and come up with your own hacks. You never know whom you’ll make laugh or scream.

Hacking a Hotel Room

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