Holiday Travel Bingo

Holiday Travel Bingo

Holiday Travel Bingo

Growing up, holidays and summers were filled with road trips. My Mom managed to occupy us with magnetic Scottie dogs, cassettes filled with Mac Davis and travel bingo cards. If Pinterest had been around in the 1970’s Mom would’ve kicked ass.

Since I rarely have an original idea, this post comes courtesy of Mark Peacock a fellow road warrior over at TravelCommons.

Since not everyone travels by air, we’re focusing on travel in general, so give yourself a check if you experience any of the following.

  1. Your hotel room key “stops” working on day 2 of a 3-day stay.
  2. The hotel scrambled eggs are square or cubed.
  3. Any kind of a flight delay.
  4. You spend $6.00 on a hotel beer.
  5. Someone causes a delay in the TSA line.
  6. Your rental car offers no USB ports to charge your phone
  7. You get to watch all of your in-flight movie before you land.
  8. You leave something behind in a hotel room.
  9. Your boarding pass can’t be read by the machine.
  10. Someone is wearing a neck pillow while standing in line.
  11. Someone in your row asks for a ginger ale.
  12. Someone in your row is watching an “R” rated movie, or porn.
  13. Free Space
  14. You spot someone wearing “Mouse Ears” in the airport, a regional reference.
  15. You spot someone carrying a cheerleading trophy, again a regional reference.
  16. Passengers clap when the plane lands.
  17. Kids dressed in pajamas.
  18. While waiting for your flight, you find a seat with A/C power close by.
  19. All 3 of the hotel treadmills are working
  20. Someone videos the plane landing.
  21. You remember where you parked.
  22. Your boarding pass is stamped TSA-Precheck.
  23. The seat next to you is empty.
  24. You’re the only one using the hotel’s indoor pool.
  25. The hotels “fire alarm” goes off.


There you have it, a great excuse to people watch while traveling, and feel free to shake your head in bewilderment.

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