How Not To Shop For A Road Warrior

How Not To Shop For A Road Warrior

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are around the corner. If you have a road warrior in your life here’s a few “What Not To Buy” tips that might make shopping for them a bit easier.

Travel Gifts

Luggage – Unless you know your road warrior really well stay away from buying them luggage. Don’t buy them luggage. Yes, there are some great choices out there but we all have our preferences. A friend recently returned a backpack, the reason, it lacked a strap to slide his luggage handle through. Another travel companion was complaining because he switched bags and this one lacked the pockets he used for holding his wallet and keys.

Stainless Steel Tumblers – Yeti, Rambler, Rtic or any of those tumblers that keep ice intact for 3 weeks. We’ve all got one, three of them to be exact and while it’s a great gift they’re not great for traveling. Hanging out on the boat or at a neighbors cookout is what those behemoth steel tubes are made for.

Blacklight Flashlight – While this sounds as practical as it gets, no one wants to know what germs are lurking in their hotel room. Besides if the place looks that sketchy I’ll check out and find some place else to stay.

Anything Associated With Washing Clothes In Our Room – We don’t need a clothesline that stretches across the bathtub. Nor do we need some kind of a sink stopper soap contraption. Most hotels have a washer and dryer hidden somewhere. Yet a Tide To Go Pen is a great gift.

RFID Blocking Anything – I never understood the hype over this. With the introduction of chipped cards, this is even less of a necessity. Besides if they want your information, they’ll get it.

Most gifts with “Travel” in their name are useless. Travel scale, travel wallet and travel vest immediately come to mind.

Travel Gifts

A few things to keep in mind are size and weight of the gift. Don’t buy them something so damn big that it requires them to change how they pack. Weight, the last thing someone wants to do is haul around extra pounds, especially on a 5-day trip. While many travel themed gifts are thoughtful, they’re not practical. Most road warriors are self-sufficient. If there’s a Walmart close by we can usually pick up anything we need. I’ve bought stuff on Amazon and had it shipped to the hotel days before I arrive.

Amazon Wishlist – Amazon is this day and ages version of the Sears Wishbook. If there’s a road warrior in your life I encourage you to have them create *** and keep current *** an Amazon Wishlist. It’s free and easy.

If you’re slap out of ideas think gift cards, Amazon, iTunes or restaurants.

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