Hurricane Irma (Before)

Hurricane Irma (Before)

Hurricane Irma

The view from my backyard approximately 24 hours before Hurricane Irma arrives, I plan to update in the coming days provided the internet Gods cooperate.

The occupants of Chateau Relaxo have done all that they can do in order to prepare for this storm.

Here’s what our hurricane preparedness has accomplished.

  • We’ve already eaten all the “good” hurricane food and we’re stuck with canned chicken and frozen Bubba Burgers.
  • We’ve parked the only car with a payment in the driveway, possibly in hopes of a storm disaster followed by an insurance claim.
  • We have 3 cases of water in the garage, that’s 432 ounces of water. Collectively we haven’t consumed 432 ounces of water in the last 12 months.
  • I drove to Lowes today, not to buy anything but to see if anyone else was buying anything that looked like I might need for Chateau Relaxo hurricane preparedness.
  • We’ve finally found a use for our garden tub, It’s holding water. For what we’re not sure, but we’re finally using it.
  • We’ve located every single important document that we could ever need….. car insurance & homeowners insurance. However, we didn’t store them in the dishwasher.
  • We’ve discovered that some news stations are showing their weather updates on a loop…… you know how you are.
  • TV weathermen don’t get truly serious until they remove their sports coat and the roll up their sleeves.
  • TV weathermen really like the term “catastrophic”, I mean really.


In all seriousness, Chateau Relaxo hopes that everyone remotely affected by Irma is safe. #FloridaStrong, God I hate hashtags.

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