Interstate 4 Is The Most Deadly Interstate In The U.S., Thank You Florida

Interstate 4 Is The Most Deadly Interstate In The U.S., Thank You Florida

Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images via Huffington Post
Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images via Huffington Post

The 132-mile roadway, which runs from Daytona Beach to Tampa, has seen 1.4 deaths per mile in the last six years. It has consistently ranked among the country’s top 10 most dangerous interstates in that time period, according to an analysis by EverQuote, a service that compares auto insurance companies. Huffington Post

Being a recent transplant to Orlando I don’t have much credibility bitching about the traffic on I-4. That being said, I have spent the last 17 years traveling in and around Orlando, and during that time I don’t recall the I-4 corridor ever being free of construction or traffic jams. When I was relocating my mantra was “I refuse to live near I-4, I refuse to live near I-4“. I ended up near the unfinished section of 429, so once that’s completed I’ll have full reign to bitch about the traffic on 429.

I’m not a Traffic Engineer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, 15 years ago I was firmly convinced that one reason for all the traffic was that most cars only contained a driver and no passengers. Fast forward to the present and the majority of cars still only contain a driver but they also contain the “Great Distractor” commonly known as the cell phone.

DriveYou certainly don’t need me to preach the dangers of texting and driving. If you’ve ever done it you’ve more than likely had that heart in the throat moment when you looked up from your phone and suddenly had to swerve, hit the brakes or steer your car back into your lane.

Now you take those distracted cell phone drivers, toss in all the tourists driving rental cars, mix in a million (a true statistical figure) tour buses all on a single road connecting the east and west coasts that also has exits to every theme park imaginable as well as a major downtown, basically a recipe for a giant cup of suck.

Looking at the EverQuote study the numbers show 30 traffic related deaths per year, sad for a road that the average speed seems to be less than 40MPH.

While we’re all comfortable driving our own car, but it doesn’t hurt to do an occasional inspection of our cars mirrors, lights, wipers, and wiper fluid. If you’re in a rental car MAKE SURE YOUR MIRRORS ARE ADJUSTED BEFORE YOU BEGIN DRIVING, heading down the road is not the time to discover that your passenger side mirror is pointing towards space and it’s also not the time to reach across and try to adjust it.



There’s an app for that, EverDrive, passively monitors driving habits and delivers diagnostics for later review. Adjust driving skills to improve your score. I downloaded this today and plan to use it over the next few, it should be interesting to see what it reports.

The point is, put your phone down and concentrate on what you’re doing. If you were that much of a baller you’d have your own driver and plenty of time to stare at the “Great Distractor”.




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