Is Google Trips The Next Best Thing?

Is Google Trips The Next Best Thing?


This week Google released their latest application, Google Trips.

  • Plan your day like magic
    • It automatically maps out a half day or a full day with suggestions for things to see and do.
  • Find things you want to do
    • Want to know what museums are within walking distance? Or find the best tapas in Barcelona? Done.
  • All your travel info in one place
    • Now you can find travel details like reservations and confirmation numbers in one easy app.

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I’ve written about TripIt and how I’m a big fan of their app, but I decided to give Google Trips a try this past week for my trip to Baltimore, MD, and for me it just wasn’t that great.

Once installed you need to associate it with a Google account, I guess since it’s named Google Trips this was to be expected. I happen to have a Google account that’s used exclusively for travel reservations and it grabbed all of my reservations and instantly created an itinerary for each trip.

For each trip, it gave me all of my flight numbers, rental car information and clickable links for directions to my hotel. It also provided local information when it came to things to do and places to eat. The “Things to do” section” was interesting as it was broken up into sections, Top Spots, Indoors, Outdoors & Kid Friendly. “Day plans“, gave me a comprehensive list of close-by attractions, including hours of operation and the time required to walk or drive to each location. “Food & Drink“, in my opinion, came up a bit short as it seemed to rely on Google reviews for input. I’m a fan of Yelp and no one I know uses Google reviews for rating anything.

Is there a place for Google Trips? Yes, it’s just that in its current state it’s not the road warrior’s best friend. If you travel sporadically there is some value in it, as it lets you easily “Create Trip“,  select a destination, find things to do and then build an itinerary around that destination.

The one nice feature is that it allows you to download your trips and then make them available them available offline.

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