January Crazy Travel Roundup

January Crazy Travel Roundup

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Being recorded in the beautiful home office Orlando, FL. Last week I was in Atlanta, I decided to drive and not fly for a few reasons. To start it’s Super Bowl week and I have no desire to interact with that many people at any airport. Next, it was supposed to be Snowmageddon 2019 and I had no desire to be at the mercy of the airlines as to when my flight would depart. In the end, it turned out to be sunny and 40 degrees.

I’ve had several people ask for a podcast version of my crazy travel round-up.

If you’ve never checked out my monthly crazy travel installment here’s the 30,000′ view. The top five or six monthly whack-a-do stories when it comes to travel. Normally it contains nudity, booze and of course Florida. Ever heard the term WTF? It means “Welcome To Florida” I can say that because I’ve lived here not once but twice.

This month I present the following.

Woman calls JetBlue staff member a ‘rapist’ and threatens that she has a gun in viral video

A woman scheduled to fly JetBlue on Sunday ended up being restrained by police at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after having an outburst at the gate.

According to a viral video on Instagram, the unnamed female passenger was seemingly one of many who were held at the airport for 10 hours after technical issues forced the airline to delay the flight while waiting for another aircraft. However, representatives from JetBlue tell Yahoo Lifestyle, “The customer in the viral video was scheduled on a flight which did not experience any major delays.” Instead, she was denied boarding from another aircraft because she was intoxicated. LINK  via Yahoo Lifestyle

Right off the bat, a few things stand out. First, this happened in Florida and second, she was intoxicated. If you read the article it goes on to explain the “rapist” and “gun” comment. I spent years flying out of Ft. Lauderdale and I’ve been known to have a pre-flight vacation drink, however, I was blessed with a filter and I know when to say when and then keep my pie hole shut….. not all are blessed with this gift.


Drunk gentleman gets aggressive mid-flight, punches passenger before plane is diverted

A Scoot Airlines plane flying from the Gold Coast in Australia to Singapore had to cut the flight short, landing in Sydney, when a gentleman became “unruly.” About 20 minutes after the plane took off, the man went into attack mode, screaming and finally punching another passenger before people were able to restrain him. LINK  via Boing Boing

You remember flying on Scoot airlines, don’t you? Me neither! A quick google search reveals Scoot’s fleet consists of 9 planes. I say it every single month….. booze and flying don’t mix, and every single month we get yet another booze-fueled story. Besides this flight took off from Australia, the land of animals whose main goal in life is to kill you and where everyone drinks booze for breakfast, what would you expect.

Passenger Stripped Naked in the Aisle on Saturday Night, Blames Pakistan

A passenger flying from Dubai to Lucknow, India on Saturday walked up and down the aisle on Air India Express flight IX94 before taking off his clothes. The man in his mid-30s was quickly ‘pounced upon’ when crew saw him nude. They wrapped him in a blanket. He resisted. They overpowered him and restrained him while the flight continued on. LINK via View from the Wing

I give you this months “nudity” submission. Nudity falls into two categories, good nudity, and bad nudity. Good nudity will normally consist of dim lights and possibly soft music. Bad nudity is anything that involves an airplane. As broken as I am I can never foresee getting so upset that my only option is to remove my clothes minus the dim lights and soft music.

Passenger sues Jetstar after slipping in toilet puddle coming home from Bali

The 58-year-old entered the toilet, stepped into a “large pool” of water and immediately slipped, according to a statement of claim filed in the Federal Court in Melbourne. “[Mr Pearson’s] right foot then began to splay outwards towards the right with his right knee going in the opposite direction to his left knee as his right foot slid along the lavatory floor,” the claim says. He then “slammed into the vanity unit and rotated his right ankle more than 90 degrees”, at which point he “heard his right knee pop, and immediately felt pain in his right leg”. LINK via The Age

It’s rare that I frequent the lavatory of the plane. Typically they’re tiny so I have no idea how Mr. Pearson had enough room slam any part of his body into the vanity unit. Was there really enough room in there for a vanity? The kicker to this whole story is that he’s permanently disabled yet only suing for $220,000.00.

Breakdown: Woman Can’t Face the Idea of Four Hours in a United Coach Middle Seat

It’s hard to imagine anything worse than flying Newark – Hong Kong on United in coach, traveling for more than an entire day on the airline, diverting and not getting where you’re going, and winding up back in Newark.

But every single day an inner battle boils in the skies, just below the service, threatening to bubble over. Coach passengers, packed in and sitting on slimline seats with less padding than passengers have been used to for years, facing the prospect of what the next several hours of their life will be like. LINK via View from the Wing

Click the link above and watch a 4-minute video of the above event. Lets cut to the chase no one wants to sit in the middle seat, even if you weigh 115lbs, it’s claustrophobic. However, sitting in the middle seat doesn’t give you the right to berate anyone.

When you fly your number one goal is to not get stuck in the middle seat. If you’re on Southwest pay the extra $30.00 for early bird boarding, on any of the remaining airlines select your seat at the time of booking. Do anything to avoid getting your seat assigned at the airport.

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