July Crazy Travel Roundup, A Podcast

July Crazy Travel Roundup, A Podcast

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First-time flyer boards conveyor belt with luggage thinking it’ll take her to planeNY Post

A flyer tried to travel to new heights as a hilarious video showed her climbing onto a luggage conveyor belt at a Turkish airport, reportedly thinking it would take her to the plane. The first-time flyer checked in her bags at Istanbul Airport, but instead of heading to her terminal, she proceeded to climb onto the conveyor belt as terminal attendants and other passengers looked on. The woman stepped onto the belt and promptly fell on her backside as it rolled forward.

First-time flyer, lets cut her some slack…. and I’m not going to bust her chops for checking a bag, again first-time flyer. Here’s a tip… I’ve made it this far in life by pausing, sometimes for just a moment, and observing, and then possibly asking questions. I do this all the time when visiting a new airport, I look to see where people are heading to, and if it’s hard to tell I’ll ask, “Where’s security?”

Toddler jumps on airport conveyor belt, is conveyed to bag roomBoingBoing

The small boy walked away from his mother at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport while she attempted to print out her boarding pass at a kiosk, according to an Atlanta police report. The mother told police she looked away from her son “for one second” and he disappeared. … Eventually the boy reached a Transportation Security Administration baggage area where TSA immediately noticed him come through on the belt and a man picks him up off the belt and to safety.

Are conveyor belts becoming the new “nudity” of travel? Toddlers are sneaky, within moments they can be out the front door down the street and on a Greyhound. That being said, if I was 5 years old I probably would’ve done the same thing. Will the parents sue? Are they at fault? Remember, everyone has baggage. (pun intended)

Drug smuggler busted with half a kilo of cocaine under his bad toupée BoingBoing

At Barcelona’s international airport, police arrested a Colombian gentleman who arrived from Bogota with half a kilogram of cocaine under his toupée. According to a Reuters report, “The man attracted police attention as he looked nervous and had a disproportionately large hairpiece under his hat. They found a package stuck to his head with about €30,000 (30K) of cocaine.” No word whether the unnamed man is a drug bigwig.

This worth clicking the blog link just to see this guys picture. Did he not own a mirror? Was he wearing a tophat? Too many questions. I’m bald, thinning hair whatever, but this looked like a giant cow-patty resting proudly atop Mr. Colombia’s melon. Dear God people at least try.

Video Goes Viral on Social Media After Delta Emergency LandingThe Points Guy


Modern aircraft are generally designed to be able to fly safely even following an engine failure, and according to CNN, the flight landed safely. No injuries were reported and passengers were all rebooked to continue on to Baltimore. The plane’s damaged engine has been replaced and the aircraft is expected to return to service this week.

But it won’t stay in service for long: MD-88s are among the last models left flying of the venerable McDonnell Douglas MD-80, an early-1980s design that was once the backbone of several US mainline fleets but is now outdated. Its Pratt & Whitney JT8 engines date back to a 1960s design, and guzzle far more fuel than today’s turbofans, which are also far quieter. American Airlines is retiring its own MD-80s this year, and Delta will follow in 2020.

The MD-80 family is damn near 40 years old, guess what at 40 things start to fail, including me. On my 40th birthday I got bifocals and a root canal. These folks are lucky to be alive, as they witnessed the engine cone bounce around as if they were at St. Mark’s Wednesday night bingo meet-up. The bight side is that these old planes don’t suddenly fall out of the sky as the 737-Max does.

Hotel Guest Hangs Clothes on Sprinkler in His Room, Causes $690,000 DamageView From The Wing

A high school senior staying on the fourth floor of the Holiday Inn Dumfries the night before a JROTC drill competition “wanted to make sure his uniform looked perfect.”

So :he decided to hang his jacket on a sprinkler head in his hotel room and properly affix all of his ribbons and medals” and was totally surprised that when he took his jacket down “the sprinkler activated — resulting in more than $690,000 in damage.”

In a former life, I was a firefighter, and I can tell you that all it takes for those sprinklers to release is something breaking the glass vial inside them. Two things will break them, heat and force, and it could be the force from a coat hanger. I recently asked the front desk clerk if they’d ever had any “sprinkler disasters”. Yep, a bride hung her dress off one, the result 45K in damages. Would a high school senior know not to use that as a makeshift closet? I’d be amazed that they actually hung anything up.


Plane passenger throws laptop at boyfriend for ‘looking at other women’NY Post 

A crazed airplane passenger threw a laptop at her boyfriend’s head on a packed jet — enraged at him looking at other women.

A viral video watched more than 4 million times by Tuesday caught the expletive-filled fight between the couple as other American Airlines passengers pulled awkward faces trying to avoid the craziness.

“You want to try to f—ing look at other women, n—er? Nah, f–k you!” the unidentified woman screamed as their plane sat at the gate at Miami International Airport on Sunday afternoon.

This went viral in just a few hours. If you watch the video the gentleman in the Helly Hansen shirt is almost the star. He’s wearing AirPods but intensely listening to the commotion and wanting to turn around. I’ve watched a few different videos of this and she threw what looked like a 2014 Dell 8lb laptop at him, ouch.

We’ve had several cellphone videos posted this month, please people I know you want your viral moment….. but please turn your phone horizontal….. I promise it will be life changing for you.

There you have it, safe travels and thanks for listening.

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