July Crazy Travel Roundup Including A Few Life Lessons

July Crazy Travel Roundup Including A Few Life Lessons

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I love crazy travel stories, especially the ones that make me ask, “What were they thinking”. Below are a few of those.

Plane headed to QC airport diverted after woman slaps flight attendantLINK – Here’s my life lesson for the day, Drinking & Flying don’t mix. Not sure if it’s the altitude or the pressurized cabin but it seems most of these stories are fueled by only 2 glasses of wine. Life lesson number two, don’t bang on the cockpit door as it will more than likely get the plane turned around.

United Airlines Allegedly ‘Destroys’ Man’s Custom $42,000 WheelchairLINK – Here’s a simple life lesson for United Airlines. When you find yourself stuck in a hole stop digging.

Man checks in a can of beer as only luggage on Perth bound flightLINK – I understand brand loyalty and I can attest to the high cost of hotel beer, however, at least check all six beers. Packing light took to a genius level.

Turtle SexLINK – Earlier in the month turtles doing what turtles took place on a runway at the John F Kennedy International Airport caused several flight delays. And to think it all happened so fast.

Woman drives stolen rental car for two years before arrestLINK – To think I get concerned if I keep a rental an extra day. Thank you, Vicki Lynn Smith, for raising the bar. Another life lesson, don’t believe everything you read, this actually took place last February.

Delta passenger tried to open the exit door in flight and gets a wine bottle to the headLINK – Somehow the wine bottle didn’t even phase him, and yes he’s from Florida.

United plane’s engine catches fire during landing at Denver AirportLINK – United’s got to feel like they’re in an episode of Friends. When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year,

TSA Teaches Flight Attendants How to Beat Up PassengersLINK – For some reason, I’m reminded of the song Kung Fu Fighting.

There you go, a few example of this month’s crazy travel stories. Maybe it’s the heat, but remember we’re only halfway through the month.

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