March Crazy Travel Roundup

March Crazy Travel Roundup

March brought spring, more snow and March Crazy Travel!

Here’s what’s in store

  • Fights, no surprise there.
  • Drunkenness with a bit of nudity, no surprise there.
  • Emotional support animal, no surprise there.
  • Plane engine explosion, something new.
  • Zombies, something new.
  • Gold loss, something new.
  • A woman claiming to be God, something new.
  • Self-pleasure, something new……seriously WTF.


March Crazy Travel


Passenger punches flight attendant, causes emergency landing in Tampa, FBI says – First, thank you Florida. Second I’m from Texas and even I know that it’s not OK to run around punching folks. It seems poor Hilleary’s internal GPS wasn’t calibrated. The best line was, “the flight attendant’s wife, who was also working on the same plane, forced Hilleary to the ground and handcuffed him“. I’m all for having a strong wife!

Colby Isaac Hilleary, 24, Greenville, Texas, appeared in court Tuesday on charges of battery and interfering with the duties of a flight attendant, a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Hilleary was a passenger Friday on an American Airlines flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Dallas, according to the complaint written by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Just after the plane took off, Hilleary ran to the front and told a flight attendant that “the plane is going the wrong way” and “there are no pilots on the plane,” the complaint said. LINK

March Crazy Travel

‘Drunk’ Ryanair passenger is kicked off flight – This comes from the Scottish Sun so that’s a strong indicator that booze will be involved… sorry for the profiling, but it’s in my blood. Awfully ambitious bringing a bottle of whiskey on the plane, especially since there isn’t a steady supply of ice.

Others on board claimed the man – who “had a bottle of whisky on the plane” – started shouting at women sitting near him around half an hour after take-off, it is reported.

One unnamed passenger told the Daily Mail: “The guy was clearly drunk and I first noticed him when he started shouting on the plane.

“He threatened a group of women near him, saying he’d stab them. LINK


March Crazy Travel

TSA and the emotional support goldfish – We’ve discussed emotional support animals before, so a goldfish shouldn’t be a surprise. What is a surprise is how in the hell did a goldfish make it through TSA with their no more than 3 ounces of water policy. Possibly a David Blaine inspired goldfish.

March Crazy Travel

Passenger plane carries out emergency landing after an engine EXPLODES shortly after take-off – I’m not an aeronautical expert, but the engine just doesn’t look right. Imagine the terror of an emergency landing with this beauty sitting outside your window?

A passenger jet was forced to carry out an emergency landing after one of its engines exploded just half an hour after takeoff. LINK

March Crazy Travel

He stole a car and boarded an empty plane, Illinois cops say. He was running from zombies. – Damn Justin everyone knows that nothing good happens after midnight and you went and proved it. I’m not a fan of Zombies, but then again I’m not a fan of South Park… possibly I’m missing out on the better things in life. Drugs and… wait for it…… Florida was involved.


When Deemie, 27, got to Peoria International Airport, he allegedly tried to ram it into a terminal, Peoria Public Radio said. Then he breached security to get onto a tarmac and board an empty plane, Patelli said.

After leaving the airport, authorities say Deemie tried to break into a sheriff’s deputy’s car, WMBD reported. He picked up a landscaping brick and threw it through a back window, the Journal-Star said.

His plan was to drive to Florida, Patteli said, the newspaper reported. Though authorities didn’t say why he chose the Sunshine State as his destination.

The deputy was able to turn off his car remotely, the Journal-Star said. He and others caught Deemie after he tried to run away, the newspaper said. LINK

March Crazy Travel

Plane loses its $368 million cargo of gold, platinum and diamonds on takeoff – In Russia you don’t lose gold, gold loses you. I lost my luggage earlier this year and I was upset….. I can only imagine the level of pissed-off-iness I would’ve hit if I had lost 368 million dollars!

The plane with ten tons of gold, platinum and diamonds lost part of its cargo after taking off from Yakutsk airport today.

More rained down as the aircraft gained height.

The Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo plane hit problems during takeoff; the treasures fell out of the hold all over the runway.

The plane then dropped some bars of gold as far as 26 kilometres from the airport. LINK

We’re almost done……………….

March Crazy Travel

Woman declares she is god, attempts to open airplane door while in-flight – See the feet above, that sort of sounds Godly, they’re getting tied up. Rightfully so because she tried to open the door on an airplane that’s in flight! Here’s a link to the YouTube video where the comments turn this incident political.

Questionably a deity, verifiably in need of help, this passenger became agitated and then decided to exit the plane. After being restrained for the rest of her flight, the woman was taken to a hospital. LINK


March Crazy Travel

Passenger strips naked and starts watching PORN on his laptop on board a busy passenger plane – I’m all for being comfortable on your flight, but this takes it a bit to far. Here’s a life tip, no hugging strangers on your way to the toilet, especially after watching porn.

The 20-year-old, reportedly from Bangladesh, shed his clothes, whipped out his laptop and began watching sex films shortly after the Malindo Air flight departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, according to local media.
The man, said to be a student at a Malaysian university, initially put his clothes back on after being asked by cabin crew, the New Straits Times newspaper reports.

But he then tried to hug stewardesses while on his way to the toilet. LINK

A better than average month, with five new themes. Use better judgment when traveling, you don’t want to make next months installment.

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