Safe Driver? Your Phone Can Tell

Safe Driver? Your Phone Can Tell

A few months ago, I wrote about the dangerous disaster that I-4 provides to the safe driver. My closing paragraph referenced EverDrive, an app that passively monitors driving habits and delivers diagnostics for later review.

EverDriveAt that time I installed and configured EverDrive, but forgot all about it until tonight when I came across it while searching for my FlightView app. Curiously I launched it to see what it had been “passively” monitoring, apparently the answer was a whole lot.

An overall score is a 83.7, a low “B”, my High School guidance counselor would be impressed. It also shows “Scored miles of 1133”, which I take issue with. I’m guessing that EverDrive uses the iPhone motion sensor to detect motions that mimic driving, but I had three Hertz rentals in December alone that totaled up to 1400 miles. Since I use Wiz-Gear phone mounts to hold my phone while driving, even rentals, I’m guessing it does such a great job that EverDrive couldn’t tell when the phone was in motion.

It also showed that I achieved “Grand Marshall” which means I had completed 50 trips with a 4-star rating or higher, and apparently it also showed that I use my phone on every trip.


EverDriveHere’s where EverDrive loses all its creditability, above it showed that I had “No phone usage for 0 trips” yet I was awarded  a “Handsfree Champ”, indicating that I hadn’t touched my phone in the last 10 trips.

In my world, EverDrive doesn’t offer much value, but since it’s free, you get what you pay for. If there was a new teen driver in the house, and I wanted to make sure they were being a safe driver, it’s doubtful that I’d use this to monitor their driving habits. Instead, I’d choose to spend a few dollars on a service.

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