Savannah In The Summer, A Podcast

Savannah In The Summer, A Podcast

Show Notes – Savannah In The Summer

Summer vacation is fast approaching and Savannah is a perfect destination. Be prepared, it’s going to be hot…. stay hydrated.

I love Savannah, I end up there several times each year on business and every 18 months or so for vacation.

If you’ve never been to Savannah it’s great for a family vacation, just don’t plan on an amusement park full of thrill rides.. From Orlando, it’s less than a five-hour drive. Now Savannah is not an easy town to fly into, more than likely you’ll be making a connection along the way.

Savannah Marriott Riverfront – This is a working waterway, and it’s common to wake to an early morning ship passing through.

For business travel I have a couple of go-to hotels,  Savannah Marriott Riverfront and the DoubleTree Savannah Historic District, both are on opposites ends of Bay street. If you’ve never been to Savannah there are three main street, River, Bay and Bryan. Those streets address most of the touristy eat, drink and buy stuff needs that one might have.

                    Mansion On Forsyth Park – A perfect place to spend a few days…… and just get lost.

For leisure, it’s the Mansion On Forsyth Park. This is a Marriott property and part of their Kessler collection. Easily classified as a boutique hotel, yet it offers much more. I was married in their marble garden and the reception was held in the attached 700 Drayton. Hands down the best Chilean Sea Bass I ever had. If you’ve got small kids this might not be your place with its lack of an Olympic sized pool. For the adults, they offer the 700 Drayton Cooking School, a great way to spend the afternoon.

                                Old Town Trolley – We’ve used OTT all over the Southeast and have never been disappointed.

What to do

Old Town Trolley – Over the years Old Town has provided a great value for the dollars spent.

Savannah’s Ghost Encounter Walking Tour – Night tours, of course

Telfair Museum – $20.00 admission

Massie Heritage Center – 3D rendering of the city.

                                                   Vinnie Van Go-Go’s – Amazing pizza, limited seating and cash only!


Moon River Brewing Company  Local brew complete with a beer garten.

Vinnie Van Go-Go’s – Cash only

Crystal Beer Parlor – A total throwback bar, think of your Dad cutting the lawn on Saturday and the beer he drank.

                                 Forsyth Park – Nighttime long exposure. Capturing Savannah with Pablo & Britt


Forsyth Park  – Statues and fountains

Bonaventure Cemetary

Savannah SquaresLots of mossDon’t let the “Bed Bugs” bite and Jackson Square without any moss.

Capturing Savannah – Pablo & Britt

                                                                     City Market – Plenty to do, see, eat and purchase.


River Street Market Place – 50 booths

A.T. Hun Art Gallery – Local artists

City Market

A few Savannah facts:

  • Parts of Forest Gump were filmed in Savannah.
  • The Pirates’ House was an inn that is mentioned in Robert Louis Stevenson’s book “Treasure Island”, it is now a restaurant.
  • Savannah was home to the sailing competitions during the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta.
  • The Irish were among Savannah’s first settlers, which is why the city hosts one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country.
  • Savannah has no open container laws, meaning you can spend a day at the park with a drink in hand in case you happen to be a raging alcoholic or a craft beer enthusiast.
  • They have a McDonalds with a walk-up window.
  • Some claim that Savannah is the most haunted city in America; I claim that it’s a great place for a meal.