September Crazy Travel Roundup

September Crazy Travel Roundup

This Month

  • Snakes
  • More snakes
  • Spellcheck
  • Booze and head-butts…… Thank you Florida
  • Another reason to not check your luggage

20 snakes found in hand luggage of man flying from Düsseldorf – 

A passenger flew from Düsseldorf to Moscow with 20 snakes in his hand luggage, an airport authority discovered.
RP Online reports that employees at Moscow Airport found the bag containing the reptiles when the passenger arrived in Russia.

The man had packed the animals in a small bag before flying from Düsseldorf, the Environmental Protection Agency in Moscow said on Tuesday.

When entering Russia, the man stated that he had bought the non-poisonous snakes at a market in Germany. LINK

I always say, “there are two types of luggage, carry-on and lost”. I might add a third type, hand luggage containing snakes. What in the hell is wrong with people? At what point does it become a good idea to cram 20 snakes into one hand luggage? Too many questions…..

Snake Slithering At DZR Airport Frightening Passengers Goes Viral –

The video footage of a snake slithering across Tarmac at DZR airport, which frightened the passengers goes viral after it was posted online.

An airport is a place mostly used for commercial air transportation including the departure and arrival of the passengers.

Airline personnel and staff are maintaining the airport clean and safe for the passengers as a part of their responsibility. LINK

More damn snakes, I’ll take an UBER.

Cathay Pacific Misspells Own Name on a Plane, Has No Fs Left to Give – 

Have you ever had to send a restaurant entree back to the kitchen? Cathay Pacific has you beat. The Hong Kong-based carrier recently had to send back an entire plane for a livery update after an unknown culprit prominently missed a letter in the airline’s name. LINK

This one falls squarely into the “You had one job” category. However, I believe it was a publicity stunt, up until last month I’ve never heard of Cathay Pacific…… now everyone has.


A Delta Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in Oklahoma City on Friday after a passenger attacked a flight attendant, according to police.

Derek Maas, 28, from Clearview, Utah, was arrested on Friday morning and booked into Oklahoma County Jail with a complaint of public drinking, according to the Oklahoma County Jail blotter. Oklahoma City police officers responded to a report of an emergency landing at Will Rogers World Airport for Delta Flight 2603 at 2 a.m., KWTV-DT reported.

The flight, which left from Salt Lake City and was headed to Orlando, called in for an emergency landing at the Oklahoma City airport because of a “violent and unruly passenger,” according to the news station. Police said Maas’s breath smelled of alcohol, that he was unsteady on his feet, and that he lost his balance while walking toward the officer, KWTV-DT reported. LINK

I’m not a very smart man, but here’s some advice. If you’ve been #PlaneDrankin and cut off because you’ve had too much, the wrong thing to do is to head-butt anyone in hopes of displaying your sobriety. Thank you, Florida!

Australian Woman Steals 18 Bags From Airport Luggage Carousel

Victorian (and Federal) Police have arrested a 51 year old woman who lives in Kings Park, which is a suburb quite close to Melbourne’s main airport in Tullamarine. Over the course of almost a year, this woman would simply regularly go to the airport, walk up to the domestic luggage carousels, and steal at least one passenger’s suitcase. LINK

Do we have a fourth type of luggage? Carry-on, lost, snake-filled and NOW STOLEN. Years ago the airports actually had staff checking baggage claim tickets against luggage, those days are long gone.

They were stuck overnight after their flight was diverted. So the captain brought them 40 pizzas

Passengers from American Airlines Flight 2354 from Los Angeles to Dallas-Fort Worth were bracing for a long night.

Their plane was diverted to the regional airport in Wichita Falls, Texas, on Thursday due to severe thunderstorms that impacted the northern part of the state, and 159 frustrated passengers were facing the prospect of being stuck there until morning.
Trying to ease their inconvenience, the plane’s captain, Jeff Raines, called the local Papa John’s and ordered 40 fresh pizzas for delivery at Wichita Falls Municipal Airport (SPS). LINK

Not all heroes wear capes! Think about all those containers of garlic butter.

September is over and fall is upon us and I’m willing to bet that some of October’s crazy tavel will contain costumes.

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