Should’ve Known Better

Should’ve Known Better

636178388218553369-GTY-622941080In case you haven’t heard, just last week, singer Richard Marx says he subdued an unruly flier, this post wrote its own headline.

American pop singer Richard Marx took to Facebook to say he helped subdue an unruly passenger he claimed was attacking others on a Korean Air flight from Hanoi to Seoul on Tuesday morning.

Daisy Fuentes, Marx’s wife and herself a celebrity from the 1990s, captured photos as the scene involving her husband unfolded.

Marx posted the photos to his Facebook page, along with commentary about what he says happened on Korean Air Flight 480. Marx wrote that a “mentally unhinged” passenger began attacking others on the flight. .

“My wife and I are safe but one crew member and two passengers were injured,” Marx says in the account he posted to Facebook. “The all-female crew was clueless and not trained as to how to restrain this psycho and he was only initially subdued when I and a couple other male passengers intervened. He then later easily broke his restraints and attacked more crew and another passenger. When we landed in Seoul police boarded the plane.”




Daisy Fuentes took to Instagram to post her side of the adventure. What did we ever do before smartphone? Now I can relive the whole incident blow by blow from the comfort of my holiday vacation recliner.

My favorite picture is the one on the bottom left, one flight holding a stun gun, the other holding a smartphone. I wonder which one had better aim.



Marx went after Korean Air, and rightfully so. As passengers, we surrender most of our rights to protect ourselves as we see fit once we walk through those TSA scanners. In return, there is an expectation that we will be protected, especially in an aluminum tube 30,000 feet above the earth.

Of course, Korean Air responded,

Korean Air Lines said it will allow crew members to “readily use stun guns” to manage violent passengers, and hire more male flight attendants, after coming in for criticism from U.S. singer Richard Marx over its handling of a recent incident.

The new crew guidelines, announced on Tuesday following the Dec. 20 incident, will also include more staff training, use of the latest device to tie up a violent passenger, and the banning of passengers with a history of unruly behavior.

Men account for about one-tenth of Korean Air flight attendants, and the carrier said it will try to have at least one male on duty in the cabin for each flight

It’s not uncommon for passengers to go Bat-S Crazy on planes, be it the confined space, cabin pressure, booze or lack of patience and don’t think for one second that stun guns and extra male flight attendants will put an end to that.

How long before we hear about Jon Bon Jovi on a flight where a stun gun had to be used and the headline reads, Shot Through the Heart?

All that being said I love stun gun videos, especially when people stun themselves, they never think that it’s going to hurt.


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