Solo Travel, Is It For You? A Podcast

Solo Travel, Is It For You? A Podcast


*** SHOW NOTES ***

Last week was Albany & Verona NY. Spent the evening at the Turning Stone Resort And Casino – My love-hate relationship with casinos continues. I hate casinos because I never seem to win any money because I tend to play with scared money. However, I love casinos because it is one of the greatest people-watching venues on the planet. If I could open a medical supply business in the lobby I’d clean up because the majority of the people there were either using a rascal scooter, a walker or connecting to an oxygen tank. If you run out of money brace yourself for crazy ATM fees.
My one question is where are all the beautiful young people that you see in the TV commercials for the casino?

Dinner was inside the casino at Upstate Tavern, where everything is local. I fell in love with Salt Potatoes. Basically, potatoes boiled in salt water, what’s not to like. Treat yourself to a Sugar Rush for desert. Pinnacle cake vodka and vanilla ice cream. Topped with whipped cream, a mini funfetti cupcake, cotton candy, a pixie stick, rock candy pop and of course sprinkles. Is diabetes spelled with one or two B’s?

Dinner the next night was at Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse. Three of us in tow and we decided to skip the table and sit at the bar, and managed to catch the last bit of happy hour. The happy hour offers some amazing small plates, that will fill your belly. Myself, I ordered the big plate of Chicken Riggie, a plate so big that I ended up bringing half of it back to the hotel. Pasta al dente, mixed with huge chunks of chicken, long peppers and onions, drenched in this wonderful flavorful cream sauce. Great ambiance and ask them to make you a chocolate martini, you won’t be disappointed.

We’re approximately 240 days into 2019 and at this point, I’ve spent 155 nights on the road. Canada, Nevada, Ohio, and Texas have been just a few of the stops. Many of those 155 nights have been alone, and for some, it’s easy to hit the hotel hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and wait for the sun to rise. For some, like me, it’s a different story.

When it comes to solo travel, be it for business or pleasure, the key-word is solo. You are alone, no spouse, no kids and no co-worker. Traveling for business, more than likely you’ll have interactions during the day unless you’re a mobile Medical Examiner. When the sun sets it’s just you, so how do you overcome boredom? Easy.

If you’re in a strange town and there’s a knock on your hotel door it’s either the Uber Eats person or someone you can pay big bucks in order for them to pay attention to you.

You have to get out and do something.

In the past, I used Google Trips but Google has decided to shut it down. I’m currently using Yelp and Google reviewsGet out and do something  – Geocaching or Little Free Libraries are basically free and can easily fill an evening. Often the hotel will post a calendar of local events, check for festivals and food trucks.

Plan for delays and downtime. You’ll be alone with no one to talk to.

Keep a journal, even if it’s pictures. Your phone does a great job of geotagging but uploading to a journal gives you a chance to add comments etc. Day One journal gets its feed from Instagram. 

Dining alone, for some it’s understandably uncomfortable. Try sitting at the bar, even if you don’t drink.

Do you have a hobby or passion that’s portable? For years I took fly tying gear with me. Into Crossfit? Here’s a map where you can find a local box LINK.

There you have it, safe travels and thanks for listening.

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