The Post I Probably Shouldn’t Write

The Post I Probably Shouldn’t Write

The Post I Probably Shouldn’t Write….. how’s that for clickbait?

The Post I Probably Shouldn

Over the last few days, many businesses are cutting ties with the NRA. In case you’ve been living in a vacuum, here’s the reason why. So why would a “travel-themed” blogger even care?

Traditionally, I’m a fisherman (in addition to being a lover), but guns have been a part of my life ever since I quail hunted the South Georgia landscape during my youth. Here’s the “my friends” part, most of them legally conceal carry. Followed by the “I support the 2nd amendment part“, which I do. Spend a few minutes reading about the 2nd amendment and interesting, yet opinionated subject.

The Post I Probably Shouldn

Using Twitter both United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines, indicated that they were ending their contracts with the NRA for discounted rates through the airline’s group travel program.

Avis Budget Group, (which owns the car-rental companies Avis and Budget) as well as Hertz, said last Friday that it was ending its rental car discount program for N.R.A. members. In addition, last Thursday, the car rental companies Alamo, Enterprise and National, which share the parent company Enterprise Holdings, tweeted they would end their discount for N.R.A. members beginning March 26.

The Post I Probably Shouldn

In the words of Survivor, “The tribe has spoken“. Like it or not the world revolves around money. Think about it, negotiating a new job, purchasing a new home, replacing a car, the common theme is money. These businesses believe that pulling revenue from the NRA is one way for their voices to be heard. So much so that #BoycottNRA has been prevalent on the interwebs since last Thursday.

I completely agree with this strategy. There are several, make that many, hotels that I will never frequent again. I could’ve have gotten bowed up at the front desk, but more than likely the recipient of my venom would have had little power to invoke change. My normal course of action is not to book a room there ever again.

Not be ignored, there are several companies that choose to ignore the Boycott NRA call, one of them is FexEx.

Overnight shipping giant FedEx ignored calls Saturday to break ties the National Rifle Association among building pressure for companies to boycott the gun group in the aftermath of a Florida high school shooting that left 17 people dead.

The Tennessee company, which did not respond to calls for comment, snubbed a barrage of social media posts from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students, celebrities and regular people around the country ratcheting up the political pressure on companies that work with the NRA.

It’s sad that our world has come down to constitutional rights vs. personal freedom vs. personal security vs. doing the right thing as a human.

The Post I Probably Shouldn

Do your own research and make your own decision. 

Early today I was ready to post this when I came across an Atlanta Business Chronical article by Eric MandelIt looks like Delta might be back peddling just a bit on Saturday’s decision.

The Post I Probably Shouldn

Hmmm, Saturday’s tweet wasn’t so neutral. “We will be requesting that the NRA remove our information from their website.”  Maybe this back peddling is due to the fact that Delta benefits from a sales tax exemption on jet fuel. That tax exemption equates to tens of millions of dollars and it could be in jeopardy, it’s sad that lobbyists have this much influence. Like I said earlier it’s about money.

Whether you agree or not with distancing themselves from the NRA, you have to stop and question Delta’s true motives once “real” money became involved.

Possibly they didn’t consider all the financial ramifications and were quick to jump on the #BoycottNRA bandwagon… apparently, they should’ve had one more meeting before hitting submit on that tweet. Right or wrong, Delta should stand behind their original decision.

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