Three Road Warriors And A Microphone, A Podcast

Three Road Warriors And A Microphone, A Podcast

*** SHOW NOTES ***

Recorded in the beautiful home office in Chateau’ Relaxo, FL.
What do three road warriors with a microphone do?  They record a podcast! After being off the road for a couple of weeks, we’re getting punchy and we talk about it.
We open with where we’re based out and the evening drink of choice.
Find out what we miss about not being on the road.
Where we’re based out of, how long we’ve been a road warrior, who is home with us if you’re comfortable with that
How social distancing has impacted us.
Chores we’ve done because we finally have the time.

Decent meals we’ve cooked.
When frustration has set in.
Check out Jason’s podcast at Chicago Ghost Podcast Visit their Instagram page @ChicagoGhosts then subscribe on Spotify
Well, there you have it, thanks for listening and safe travels.

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