Toto In Concert, Not A Travel Post

In full disclosure, I’m a child of the 80’s. Born in 1964 and then graduating high school, by the sheer grace of a higher power, in 1982 I was the target audience of MTV. My afternoons consisted of videos mixed with half-hearted studies.

One of my favorite and heavily rotated videos at the time was Rossana. Being the 80’s there was no internet or TMZ and speculation ran wild as to the identity of Rosanna.

“Rosanna” is a song written by David Paich and the opening track and the first single from their 1982 album Toto IV. This song won the Record of the Year Grammy Award in the 1983 presentations. “Rosanna” was also nominated for the Song of the Year award. The song peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks. LINK

For those that don’t know, Toto is a group of studio musicians that contributed to the sounds of the 70’s and 80’s.

These guys played on literally hundreds of records before and even after they formed Toto. In fact, they formed Toto after running into each other so many times at sessions and deciding they should start their own band. Plus, several of the guys all grew up together and went to the same high school in Van Nuys.

Of all the records they played on outside of Toto, we love their work with Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs and Michael Jackson. LINK

Recently, I/we/my wife discovered that Toto was celebrating their “40 trips around the sun” tour in Melbourne FL. We booked 2 center stage seats at the King Center. We’ve seen several events here over the years, and there’s not a bad seat in the house

Their current line-up is the founding member Steve Lukather (Guitar & Vocals), Steve Porcaro (Keyboards),  Lenny Castro (percussion),  Warren Ham (saxophone),  Shem von Schroeck (bass), Shannon Forrest (drums).

While this was a solid lineup there was a name missing, David Paich, and going in this was going to be a sore spot for me.  Paich, another founding member had contributed so much, Hold the Line and Africa, and I wasn’t looking forward to missing out on his keyboard and vocal contributions. Paich was replaced with Dominique “Xavier” Taplin. Xavier crushed it, from keyboards to vocals he didn’t miss a beat.

Toto played for 2 plus hours and never let up along the way. Halfway through the show, they did bring out several stools for a sit-down recap of their 40 years. It’s amazing to hear first-hand the influence Toto has had on the musical landscape.

Toto, like most groups with longevity, has had their share of tragedy. Both Mike Porcaro (May 29, 1955 – March 15, 2015) & Jeff Porcaro (April 1, 1954 – August 5, 1992) passed along their 40 trips while their brother Steve continues to lead the charge.

If this catches your interest you still have time! Tuesday night October 30thToto at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk – Hard Rock Live. If I wasn’t in Georgia this week, I’d drop $33.00 to see them again, yes they’re that good.

If you’re a traveling folk it’s easy to catch them along the East coast over the next few weeks LINK.

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