Who’s Zoomin Who- Stories From Home Episode, A Podcast

Who’s Zoomin Who- Stories From Home Episode, A Podcast

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Recorded, again,  in the beautiful home office of Chateau’ Relaxo

Welcome to the 53rd of April where it’s Saturday. It was also Saturday on the 52nd and it will still be Saturday tomorrow.

Believe it or not, there is a bit of crazy travel news.

Thank you New York Post

 Fully naked woman tries to book flight at New Orleans airport   Not partially but fully naked.

A woman was arrested after trying to book a flight at the New Orleans airport — fully naked — and then refusing to leave.Mariel Vergara, 27, allegedly strolled up to the Spirit Airlines (of course it was Spirit) counter at Louis Armstrong International Airport on Friday night without a stitch of clothing, Nola.com reported. Airline officials told her she wouldn’t be able to travel in her current getup — or lack thereof — and asked her to leave, but she refused, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. By the time a deputy arrived, Vergara had pulled on a dress, but it was too short to cover her genitals and she had on no underwear, cops said.

Of course, she didn’t she was naked seconds before.

She allegedly ignored orders to leave and scuffled with deputies as she was taken into custody.She was booked on charges of obscenity, resisting arrest, battery of a police officer, simple battery and remaining in a place after being forbidden.

What’s surprising is that none of the charges mention alcohol.

Fighter jet passenger, 64, accidentally ejects during ride that was a surprise “gift”   BoingBoing

In northeastern France, employees gave their boss, 64, a special gift experience of a flight on a Dassault Rafale B fighter jet. Apparently he had no interest in fighter jets and was rather freaked out by the prospect of flying in one. But he played along until, well, he didn’t.

When the jet was 2,500 feet above ground and the pilot began to climb, the passenger panicked and reached for something to hold onto. Unfortunately, that something was the ejector seat button — and the 64-year-old flew from the fighter jet. To make matters worse, he had not securely attached his helmet, which went flying in midair. Fortunately, the man avoided seriously injury after tumbling to earth in a field near the German border.

Are you wondering where airlines are parking all those grounded planes?

Glad you asked, AirplaneBoneyards.com, yes that’s a site has posted an 

Interactive Map of Aircraft Boneyards and Storage Facilities Around the World

There are three major storage areas:

  • Post-WWII military aircraft boneyards in the U.S.
  • Major commercial aircraft boneyards in the U.S.
  • Major commercial aircraft boneyards outside the U.S.

Check out the picture of how close and precisely these planes are parked, and you think you struggled with parallel parking during Drivers ED.

On to Zoom

In the words of Aretha Franklin – take another look, tell me baby (Who’s zoomin who?) who’s zoomin’ who? Circa 1985

By now most everyone has either been on a Zoom meeting or at least has heard of Zoom. If Zoom is new to you here’s the 16 word 30,000’ overview.

Zoom provides a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.

My company began using Zoom mid-2019 as a replacement for GoToMeeting. As an enterprise conferencing platform for both audio and video, it’s solid.

Everything about Zoom is easy, so easy that almost overnight my wife’s school system deployed it. Where it remained deployed for a very short time, the reason is that their telephony backbone is Cisco which owns WebEx, a competitor to Zoom. I’ll let you figure out the rest.

In the past month, Zoom has gone from a conferencing platform to COVID’s social network. Crazy double-digit growth, coming from the addition of more new users in the first quarter of 2020 than Zoom had all of 2019. Their stock is up close to 130%, it would’ve been good to have bought Zoom and Logitech stock, right around September 2019. And with any sort of rapid growth from children to businesses, there will be challenges. Zooms biggest has been security and privacy.

New York City schools are banned from using Zoom for remote teaching. Google the biggest information junkie, no longer allows employees to use Zoom on their work supported laptops. Besides, isn’t there something called “Google Hangouts”?

One to never let an opportunity pass, Microsoft has been promoting Microsoft Teams to anyone that will listen. Chris Brown voiced his pleasure with Teams on last week’s podcast, and he’s a tried and true MAC guy.

No pandemic is official until it generates its own vocabulary. I give you Zoombombing – which is the unwanted intrusion into a video conference call by an individual, which causes disruption. The term became popularized in 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic forced many people to stay at home, and videoconferencing was used on a large scale by businesses, schools, and social groups.

Here are a few examples of Zoombombing;

You get the picture, zoom bombers aren’t going to add much value to your meeting.

Todays Pro Tip minimizing Zoom Bombing

  1. Don’t use your Personal Meeting ID for the meeting. Your Personal Meeting ID is great for impromptu support sessions but once someone has that ID they can randomly check back in, and if you have a meeting in progress they can join it. Zoom has recently added the ability to require a password for your Personal Meeting ID, but you still need to change it for each meeting. You’re better off generating a unique ID for each meeting.
  1. Use the “Waiting Room” this lets you see who is attempting to join the meeting before allowing them in. This won’t stop everything but it will help. This is enabled under the Advanced settings of your meeting invitation.
  1. Disable other options, including the ability for others to Join Before Host, it should be disabled by default. Then disable screen-sharing for nonhosts, and also the remote control function. Disable all file transferring, annotations, and the autosave feature for chats.  
  1. Lock the meeting to outsiders once everyone is logged in. You can even add meeting co-hosts to help control rowdiness.

If someone does get in and starts sharing their screen you can stop screen sharing with a single click. and if things get really sideways click the RED End Meeting logo in the bottom right corner.

And if that’s not enough, The Verge posted that there’s an automated tool can find 100 Zoom meeting IDs per hour – An automated tool developed by security researchers is able to find around 100 Zoom meeting IDs in an hour and information for nearly 2,400 Zoom meetings in a single day of scans, according to a new report from security expert Brian Krebs.

Zoom is continuing to beef up its security and has recently added a security icon on the toolbar of the app which allows the host to 

By clicking the Security icon, hosts and co-hosts have an all-in-one place to quickly address situations:

  • Lock the meeting
  • Enable the Waiting Room (even if it’s not already enabled)
  • Remove participants
  • Restrict participants’ ability to:
    • Share their screens
    • Chat in a meeting
    • Rename themselves
    • Annotate on the host’s shared content

All of that stuff aside take precautions and zoom, or any online meeting platform can be a lot of fun, and perfect for keeping you in touch with friends, family,  and co-workers. 

Right now their basic version is free and gives you such features as.

  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings
  • 40 mins limit on group meetings
  • Unlimited number of meetings

Some of the cool zoom features are that it allows you to change your background. Yep, remnants of last night’s party still visible in the background, then make everyone think you are on the beach. Want everyone on the call to think you’re a true baller, then change your background to an industrial-inspired midtown loft. 

And speaking about that party the night before Zoom will also touch up your appearance, but don’t expect miracles.

Video conferences can be fun, there have been people creating video backdrops of themselves interrupting their own meetings. We’ve had one of our team members show up for our weekly social hour meeting wearing a mullet wig. If you ever want to have fun at a party, video conference, choose the right audience etc show up in a mullet wig…. Hilarity will ensue.

My go-to has been switching out the picture behind me each day, three weeks in and no one has noticed, and these have been meeting involving many of the same people.

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