Is Winter Park more Sausalito or Palo Alto?

Is Winter Park more Sausalito or Palo Alto?

Sausalito Yacht Club (Wikipedia)

In a recent article entitled 5 Great Escapes from Orlando Theme Parks, author Andrew Bender gives the city of Winter Park some high marks and compliments when he states that Winter Park is our regions “Southampton, its La Jolla, its Sausalito, a refined town with graceful shopping, smart restaurants and busy farmers markets.”

While I think it’s great press and Bender gives some great advice on visiting Orlando outside of the theme parks, I have visited Sausalito, and dare I say that I felt it was a little bit touristy. Winter Park has great shops and restaurants but it is also a college town with Rollins College intertwined within the fabric of the city. From some of the locations that I have visited, Winter Park reminds me a lot more of Palo Alto near Stanford University and Bleecher Street in Greenwich Village near NYU.

Take a look at the videos below and let us know if you think Winter Park is more Sausalito or Palo Alto:

Sausalito Video

Palo Alto Video

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