Butterfly effect or fate?

Oh – Cheerio, Governor.  So, I am  one of those people who have no preference over the words fate versus luck.  I think in many cases, there’s a higher power involved, but this is for sure, for SURE not a platform for all of that.

Henceforth and so on…so, even though I don’t have a specific preference between the two, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think that they exist.  Because, I definitely believe in some aspect of things that are “meant to be,” or “fate intervening,” and in some random occasions, God just needs to take a second  and come help out your stupid ass.

Anyhoo, I don’t just have one event in my life that created a butterfly effect, so to speak.  Being the great and powerful procrastinator that I am, I believe that in many ways, this has led to a plethora of positivities in my life’s events.

This is my cerebrally higher level of thinking face. Like a blue moon, it only happens every so often.
This is my cerebrally higher level of thinking face. Like a blue moon, it only happens every so often.

There have been several life altering, fate and luck or God intervening events in my life. Taking a quick stroll down Memory Blvd., (that just doesn’t sound right) I can certainly conclude that there are a handful of reasons why I can thank baby Jesus and my lucky star spangled four leaf clover. But, I am not here lingering on this particular post for those handful of mishaps.

And there were certainly some doozies! I remember a particular time accompanying a male friend of mine, to his 10th grade dance at his high school.  We danced and laughed, drank the punch, and had lots of innocent fun. When it was time to depart, we walked out to the dark parking lot, reaching his 1983 Camaro, and just as we were getting ready to open the door, a young perp appeared out of nowhere with a gun, asking my friend where he thought we were going. I don’t remember if my friend answered or not, because the words were probably dubbed out by my FREAKING palpitating heart throbs.  Now, this is an instance where you can insert whether you think God himself, fate or luck came into play, but for some insane reason, this dude looks to his right across the parking lot on the other side of the street and sees a police officer. He spots him quick, turns his head back to us, and mutters: “Just joking!”  and he runs.

There were also sev-e-ral occasions in my day that warranted a good, swift kick. Luckily, that beat down was never from the multitude of people that me and my friend would discreetly ask to buy us beer, as we quietly and nervously waited for them while we parked on the darkest and most desolate side of a convenience store. Sometimes we even had the audacity to ask these derelicts for our change. And sometimes, when the moon was aligned with both of our brain cells just right, we would *gasp* give them a ride to where they were staying. Now, let me throw this disclaimer out there. I have never claimed to be the president of Mensa. But, I also am not an idiot with zero regard for human life.  My friend who was driving, on the other hand…

But-if I could just think of one tiny, little life changing event that took place in my life, I would have to say that it all started with a phone call.

This was WAY back in the dinosaur days, pre smart phones.
This was WAY back in the dinosaur days, pre smart phones.

You see, I was a cohabitator.  A sinning, careless, thoughtless, semi-brainless cohabitator.  It was one of those things that seemed like a great idea at the time.  After a few (and when I say a few, I mean 2 weeks) months, I sorta begin to realize that this gig is not for me. It’s time for me to politely decline this whole little housekeeping situation and to altogether bow the hell out.  There were so many signs: Self righteousness, arrogance, self righteousness, assholeness, a critical, unempathetic, self righteous jerky.

I started to get the itch.  I wanted to leave, but I really did (ugh) have a couple strong feelings for the cat also.  When he would catch wind of my disposition, he would be able to magically stifle my pessimistic outlook. For a minute.

But, you know how crazy life is. Things were going pretty well, as well as they could be, considering my immature and limited perspective on relationships. It almost seemed like this thing just might work out, and every now and again I just might’ve started to pick up the feather duster and what not.

And one evening, when he was away visiting his mom back in his homeland, the phone rings. It was his friend, inviting me to go out with him and his girlfriend to a movie, because they knew my dude was out of town.  I politely decline, as I was in my PJ’s and probably had a good book and a carafe of vino and was in for the night. So we hang up.

But, he didn’t actually hang up. He thought he hung up. As I’m going to set the phone down, I hear him telling his girlfriend how he feels bad for me because my boyfriend is visiting his ex and possibly rekindled girlfriend in his hometown.

Now, you can dick me over once, but you’re not going to find your apartment still furnished when you get back in town. And our food is going to be missing from the fridge, and probably also the place you lay your lying ass noggin when you go to bed at night.


So, the moral of this story is: Life can change in a split millisecond. As fleeting as it is, with the change always comes more hopeful times. With people who aren’t assholes.

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