Practical jokes are great for the soul

So I absolutely LOVE to prank people. There’s nothing funnier to me than jacking up someone’s game plan. And, the effect is always so much better, because I’m such a quiet, unassuming person who nobody would suspect of Handi Wrapping anyone’s toilet seat. It’s always completely unexpected and the wow and shock factor is the adrenaline that I’m obsessed with. The mental rewards are enormous!

A prank is a mischievous trick or a practical joke played on people to make them feel confused, shocked, embarrassed or discomforted.

Oh damn.  Well, I don’t care how old you people think I am, because it’s the same as what my birth certificate says… You’re never too old to prank! I’m not trying to embarrass anybody here. I’m just on a constant hunt for a laugh!


The most notorious evil prankster.
The most notorious evil prankster.

It all started with the reality pranking shows. OMG I love me some reality TV!!

There are so many shows that depict my very favorite thing on the planet.  From back in the day – “The Tom Green Show,” which was probably my favorite of all, was 100% my brand of naughty.  I don’t know what’s funnier to me, him riding into a supermarket on a cow yelling: “Holy Cow! Holy Cow! or him finding a dead cat in the woods, bringing it to the vet and asking if it was going to be okay.

The “Jerky Boys,” and I’m really dating myself here. But, dude. These guys were the real deal. Just some cats from Queens making prank calls to unsuspecting business, and their impressions were spastastic.

Punk’d,” oh yeah. Ashton hotty hot Kutcher. Of all the copy cat pranking shows that there are out there, this was a legit trendsetter.

Jackass,” No need for explanation here. I’m not the biggest fan of people getting hit in the nuts for laughs, but the team of these guys, led by Johnny Knoxville, are definitely an exception. Funny shit.

Bad Grandpa,” a movie made by the Jackass crew, probably the hardest I’ve ever laughed in my long, sad life.

Girls Behaving Badly,” with one of my favorites, Chelsea Handler.  I know I’ve mentioned her before, but this show was what started her career. I remember dying laughing at the blonde chic with the monotone voice dripping with sarcasm.  One skit I remember vividly is her sitting at a table at a bar, waiting for her “blind date,” who joins her at her table, and chatted as she smoked a cigarette, drank some cocktails, then excuses herself the restroom, waddling all the way there with her 9 month “pregnant belly.”  The look on the dude’s face. Funny shit.



Photobombs – a great new invention. Actually, they’ve been around for decades, but just now have a super cool name. How many times have you found yourself perplexed and unable to move forward to your current destination as you approach a touching photo moment, getting ready to take place? I know that it’s a struggle that I find myself dealing with on a daily basis.



Sometimes I like to freak people in my house the hell out. One of my favorite pranks is just to scare the shit out of them for no good reason. One night a few months ago, me and my husband were putting the kid nuggets to bed.  Suddenly, a brilliant light bulb thought popped into my dense noggin. “Hide in the bed and jump out when he comes in!”  And I did just that. Holy diarrhea squirrel bomb!


Listen – I probably just did something extremely rude and vile here.

I also love to act silly and prank my kids. Jumping out from behind certain objects, dancing like a ding a ling, fake twerking, pretending that I fell “up” the stairs…the list goes on.  There is really nothing more satisfying in life. Because life needs laughs.

When my kids say to me: “Mommy, you are soooo silly!”  – Now that is the shit dreams are made of.

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