Thankful for FALL and other crap

Thankful for FALL and other crap

YO!  I know this is late AF. BUT,  I usually do an annual “I love FALL and I’m so happy it’s here, yadda  yadda yadda” blog. This time, I thought I would change it up a bit. I mean, how many ways can I say I love, FREAKING love pumpkin spice?

I start celebrating fall on my birthday in early September.  It makes my bunghole pucker the second the clock strikes “fall.” There are so many things to be thankful for! This year, my blessings are just countless. Where do I start! My youngest daughter made her school volleyball team; I now have a successful high schooler; we are having a pool built; my twins are both getting braces; the HOLIDAYS ARE COMING, and Black Friday shopping! HOLY HOLIDAY!!  Aso, someone at one point in time invented Christmas books and cheesy Christmas Hallmark specials! There is such a thing as candles, COFFEE, cocktails, and I just experienced a day below 90 degrees! Holy crap!

I am very thankful not only for Jimmy Fallon, but for his thank you notes. So, thank you, Jimmy, for creating the aforementioned thank you note. This is my thank you note to you, JF. CHEERS!

I am also uber thankful for other absolutely ridiculous, asinine people such as myself who are ready to decorate for the holidays on November 1st. Two Halloweens in a row in two DIFFERENT neighborhoods, there was a house playing Christmas music as the youngins were trick-or-treating. I raise my glass to you – Silly Christmas music player on Halloween- I’m sure 9/10’s of the people who walked by had a snarky comment to make for being too hasty on the draw, but I get you. I get you. We are bros.

I can’t stop with the Christmas crafts.  I started in October as I got together with my mom for our annual crafting day, and it just really hasn’t died down. I have to finish my wreath, just finished one wood painting, have 3 more to go, made a nutcracker out of round boxes, and my bran just won’t stop! Every time I run into a piece of plywood, the ideas, they start a flowin.’ My husband will be so excited to see the 5th Christmas sign of the season make its way into my threshold.











Can I just tell you how happy I am to even open my eyes every morning?  To see another fall and to be able to annoy the piss out of you with another fall blog makes a sister so thankful.

OMG Black Friday!  We are staying in a hotel for Black Friday shenanigans!  I am SO thankful that my mom has GIMP-y knees! I could literally pass out on the floor in whatever non-swanky shop I happen to be standing in, and I’ll just be seconds away from my hotel bed. Then I’ll take a 10 minute power nap and GET UP AND SHOP AGAIN!!! Just prop me up at the Starbucks and I’ll be golden.

So, listen here: I wish fall could last a lifetime. However, I do understand that in order to treasure certain things in life, they must come in small doses. My blessings are so abundant this year. How did a sister get so lucky?

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