Valentine’s Day is my favorite!

Squee!  It’s almost here. The day. The day that my heart pitter patters for. The day that is full of love, reds, pinks, and lots of hearts and what not!

I am going to be honest. I haven’t always been a fan. My memory takes me back to a very dark time. A time where I walked through the halls filled with adolescents and hair gel and acid washed zit creams. A time when I was awkward, and introverted with zero self-esteem. All the things are still the same. But, back then, I used to mourn this dreadful day. After getting jilted year after Valentine year, I would wake up that morning, and get dressed in my all black ensemble and I would fester. I would think hateful thoughts and dreadful daydreams. I was seething with anti-coolness.

vdayBut, now – things have changed drastically. Now, I choose to celebrate love. My perspective about this once dreaded holiday is much different. My kids are a blessing and I love showing them how much we love and value them on this special day. They wake up to a special breakfast, a couple of treats, and of course, true to my nature, coordinating clothes. I wouldn’t be the idiot that I am if I didn’t dress them up in heart ensembles.

I can assure you that even if I did not have a special “Valentine” to share the day with, for me, this day is about appreciating and celebrating the people in my life that I love: My family, babies, pets, myself. Even my bitch cat.


vday cat
I love, you Lillie! You silly assnugget.

I do have a husband who makes my day special, and that’s a very precious, poignant part of my day. I realize how blessed I am to not only have him, but to have shared 20 years together. The other part of Valentine’s Day, I look at as my obligation to show my people some love. A lot of love. I know a ton of people chalk this up to be a “Hallmark Holiday,” created simply to boost the bottom line. That’s okay. Those jagwads can believe that. I believe that once a year people need to be pushed, reminded and prodded to share the love – with whoever we might need to share it with.

valentine4OH! I love making the crafts! I love hearts, and anything resembling such, and anything “heart-like” that I can mod podge and display and enjoy to my hearts’ content!  I am truly lucky, and blessed much more than I deserve to be. So, like an interpretive dance, I choose to count my blessings in the form of crafts!

valentine2Look, more crafts! Did I mention that I love mod podge and hearts and canvas things, and scrapbook paper, oh my!  And, I’ve got even more crafts up my sleeve: There’s jewelry to make, canvases to decorate, and heart boxes to cover! You can take away my dignity, but you can’t take away my stupid ass crafts!

valentine1I’ve always been a fan of “love.” It’s the best emotion, and I really enjoy incorporating it in every possible way that I can. It’s a theme that I would incorporate even without it being Valentine’s Day, and I keep the crafts that I have made displayed all year long. The picture below is from my wedding, and is my very favorite verse. Squee! My cup runneth over!

valentine3So, calm down, V-day skeptics! Calm the hell down. Valentine’s Day is not about having or not having a significant other to spend it with. If you don’t, stop acting like it’s the end of the world. Dude, just appreciate and celebrate love, wherever it may fall – whether it is your children, your pets, or more importantly yourself. Tell people how you feel, buy them a damn card so that you can reluctantly contribute to the Feb. 14th economy, and take a deep breath and LOVE the fact that the only reason that you’re able to have these dark, foreboding thoughts is because you have the luxury of being alive. And to me, that’s enough reason to celebrate.

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