I’m all for keeping things “local”. I prefer local restaurants to franchises, farmers markets over the regional chains and typically I’ll grab a local cold one before some mass-produced brew. The advantage of traveling is you get plenty of chances to #DrinkLocal. Here’s a tip, if you let your friends know that you’ll have noRead More →

Recently two fellow road warriors and myself ended up in the same town one evening and as our conversations usually do, we ended up talking about food. Golden Rule BBQ Irondale, AL Felix’s Fish Camp Restaurant Spanish Fort, AL Sweet Potatoes Savannah, GA Dauphin’s Mobile, AL Wintzell’s Oyster House Mobile,Read More →

Graveyards and Mardi Gras, unbelievably, they go hand and hand. Looking at my pasty white skin and tendency to wear black t-shirts you’d think I’m looking to relive my youth by being Goth, I assure you I’m not. A visit to a graveyard can be a window into the past,Read More →