Look. Some people have really cool hobbies. Some people have REALLY cool ass fly hobbies. Not every hobby is my thing, but that’s totally respectable. I’m cool with that. I have a hobby that will blow your mind. It consumes my days and then when those days are over, myRead More →

Yo. So, there’s nothing that I hate worse than fending off my dog’s bunghole breath and/or plucking off his dingleberries from his matted fur overhang. Until I think of the serpent reptiles. I’ve always feared and loathed the snakes. I never wanted to befriend one. #onlydefriendtheslitheryones. If you would haveRead More →

So. I’m just like any of you jackwads out there. I’m just an ordinary Jane St. Doe from Normalville, Blandaho living the typical dream, relaxing here on my customary couch watching the Real, Ordinary Housewives of Standard Vanilla Suburbia. But, there’s something (a shit load of things, if we’re beingRead More →

I have this situation. A non-life threatening situation. A catastrophic annoyance. A hella embarrassing disorder. A life long affliction. Fa life! I have been hit with a CLUMSY stick. It’s been that way my entire lifespan. I do not just have an ordinary case of the clumsies – I haveRead More →