The view from my backyard approximately 24 hours before Hurricane Irma arrives, I plan to update in the coming days provided the internet Gods cooperate. The occupants of Chateau Relaxo have done all that they can do in order to prepare for this storm. Here’s what our hurricane preparedness has accomplished. We’ve already eaten allRead More →

In the last few weeks, we’ve had #DragGate, #StrollerGate, #BathroomGate, #SlapGate and this past Tuesday, we had #RageGate. A scuffle or argument on an airplane has become a common occurrence. It will be captured on cell phone video and captured from more than one angle, so no need to worryRead More →

Do You Lock Your Luggage? Most luggage comes with locks, and if they don’t you can always buy TSA approved luggage locks. Luggage locks provide a false sense of security and can be thwarted with something as simple as a ballpoint pen. This has been around for a while, butRead More →

A few months ago, I wrote about the dangerous disaster that I-4 provides to the safe driver. My closing paragraph referenced EverDrive, an app that passively monitors driving habits and delivers diagnostics for later review. At that time I installed and configured EverDrive, but forgot all about it until tonightRead More →

In case you haven’t heard, just last week, singer Richard Marx says he subdued an unruly flier, this post wrote its own headline. American pop singer Richard Marx took to Facebook to say he helped subdue an unruly passenger he claimed was attacking others on a Korean Air flight fromRead More →

I enjoy busting TSA’s chops; seriously, it takes very little thought to turn those three letters into something a bit more humorous than Transportation Security Administration. For example: TSA: Transportation Sounds Awful. TSA: Truly Sick Authority. TSA: Twisted Sex Acts. TSA: Touching Sexual Areas. In addition, possibly someone masquerading asRead More →

I’m not much of an alarmist, especially when it comes to the weather and travel. I routinely head up north during winter forgetting a heavy, actually any coat, my wife swears there’s an umbrella in my backpack, somewhere, and I love driving rental cars in the snow. Rolling into MondayRead More →