Alex, I’ll Take Travel Potpourri For $500, A Podcast

Alex, I’ll Take Travel Potpourri For $500, A Podcast


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Just a mishmash of travel tidbits that aren’t worthy of their own episode. By the way where do you park a 737-Max?

A survey by the research firm Kelton Global showed that 29% of Americans are more likely to accidentally leave a belonging behind in a hotel room than take a hotel item. Among the most left-behind items: clothing, toiletries and electronics.

The most commonly left-behind items

1. Clothing (42%)

2. Toiletries (42%)

3. Electronic devices/chargers (40%)

4. Jewelry, including watches (15%)

5. Underwear (13%)

6. Hair styling tools (13%)

Note: multiple responses were allowed in Kelton’s poll.

Worried about leaving stuff behind?

  • Don’t place anything on the bedspread
  • Leave important stuff in your shoe
  • Use a hand towel
  • Scan the room, closet, desk area then bathroom
  • Check the outlets

Can’t remember your room number?

  • Cell phone picture.
  • Works for parking spots as well.

I frequently get asked, “How to feel “More Normal” on the road”.

  • Stay with your normal routine
  • Simple things, leave you DOP kit packed
  • Rearrange the room.
  • Sleep on the same side of the bed. Most every room I reserve has a king-size bed.
  • Stay on schedule, even across time zones.

Summer is here,  packing tips 

  • Refuse to pay for checked luggage.
    • Automatically you’ll pack less.
    • You don’t need that many clothes.
  • Ditch the extra shoes.
    • They’re bulky, and unless you plan on going black tie, 2 pairs will cover you.
  • Space Bags
    • Thick items are easily reduced.
  • Sunscreen

Airplane News – AKA what’s up with the 737 Max?

According to CNBC

  • Almost 500 Boeing 737 Max planes remain grounded worldwide.
  • Of the planes grounded, 100 are being stored in the company’s Renton, Wash. factory.
  • No date has yet been announced for the 737 Max’s return to service.

As Boeing works with airlines, regulators and other stakeholders to fix a flight control system suspected of contributing to two fatal crashes of the airliner, the Federal Aviation Administration found a previously-unknown flaw that it will require Boeing to fix.

According to a source familiar with the situation, the software update proposed by Boeing was undergoing simulator testing last week. During the test, the source said, FAA pilots discovered an issue that affected their ability to recover from a runaway stabilizer trim. The issue was eventually traced to how the flight computers were processing data. The Points Guy

The 737-Max debacle has hit maximum momentum. Including 20% of the grounded planes being “parked” in Boeings Renton, Washington factory, next to the employees’ vehicles in the company parking lot.

If you happen to work in an office more than likely everyone has their own “assumed” parking spot. Imagine the office wench rolling in on Monday morning only to find a 737-Max in her spot. “Hello”, someone please connect me to Human Resources.

There you have it, safe travels and thanks for listening.

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