April Crazy Travel Roundup

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Stayed relatively local last week.

Decided to run up to Palatka, which about 90 minutes North of Orlando and is located on the St Johns River. The St. Johns is one of the few rivers that flows north, the reason is that the Georgia Bulldogs suck. Came across two antique stores, Elise Bell’s and River City Antiques and Collectibles. Both staffed by friendly staff. I left with a 2′ wooden carved statue and a hotel ashtray circa 1975.

Lunch was at Florida’s Oldest Diner: Angel’s Dining Car. A throwback to neon, aluminum, pink and turquoise. My burger came with this wonderful mustard pickle relish and the fries included a couple of perfectly prepared onion rings. They still offer curbside dining, just pull into a slot and honk. They offer a monthly cruise-in car show on the first Saturday of the month.

Two new places to end the week at Copper Rocket, which was my stage name when I did porn,  and the Eden Bar, both located in Maitland, FL. The Copper Rocket offers 100 different beers and the Eden Bar is this wonderful open-air bar tucked amidst Florida foliage. If you dare order a THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, basically an alcoholic fruit mix with flowers and crazy straws.

Here is the April Crazy………..

Lithuanian Man Discovers He’s Lone Passenger On Huge PlaneHuff Post

VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) — A Lithuanian man flying to Italy got a pleasant surprise when he boarded the plane: He was the only passenger on the Boeing 737-800.

Skirmantas Strimaitis, who was flying from capital Vilnius to the northern Italian city of Bergamo for a skiing holiday March 16, had the whole plane — which can usually sit up to 188 people — to himself. The only others onboard were two pilots and five crew members.

The Novaturas travel agency said it had chartered the plane to fly a group home from Italy, and to avoid flying empty, one-way tickets were sold. Only one person bought one.

Strimaitis told The Associated Press Tuesday the flight, which lasted more than two hours, was “a once in the lifetime experience.”

Notice the smile above? I have the same smile when the seat next to me is vacant, let alone the whole plane. I had this almost happen in 2000 on a flight from ATL to JAX as there were five of us on the plane.

Nashville bachelorette parties ruined by NFL draftWSB-TV

Women who picked Nashville for their bachelorette parties this weekend may have drafted the wrong city. The plucky, honky-tonk-filled town has become a go-to destination for bachelorette festivities and also happens to be the location of this year’s NFL draft, bringing with it the revelry and fanfare of thousands of football fans from across the country.

“When did they start planning the draft, because I feel like I just found out about this,” a bridesmaid standing next to a woman in a “Bride” shirt told WXIX.

“I found out three days ago, and it made me want to cry,” the bride told WXIX.

I’m not a football “Guy” but this is an example of the “7 P’s” – Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. The Chateau’ Relaxo 2018 Spring Break Tour was Nashville, and yes this is the new Bachelorette Party destination… however it serves you well to Google your destination in combination with the dates. Doesn’t all bachelorette parties end up with someone crying in the corner?

Person dressed as Easter bunny hops into fight in Downtown Orlando – FOX35 Orlando

The Easter Bunny found himself in some trouble on the night of Easter Sunday.

A promoter in Downtown Orlando posted video of a person dressed as an Easter bunny in a fight. The promoter, who goes by the username ‘workfth’ on Instagram, told Fox 35 that a fight started after a man bumped into a woman. The bunny jumped in until an Orlando police officer broke them up.

The promoter who posted the video captioned it “HAPPY EASTER” and “ONLY IN ORLANDO.” He also joked to Fox 35 that “as you can see, the Easter rabbit been taking boxing classes.”

Thank you, Florida! During my 11th grade year of High School, I worked at Wag’s Resturant. Not a bad gig, but on Tuesdays, I had to dress up in giant raccoon costume. Guess what I was so frustrated I was willing to do a beat down on almost anyone. Easter Bunny I side with you.

3 naked women at rest stop lead deputies on chase in Florida – AP News

Authorities say three women who were applying suntan lotion publicly in the nude at a Florida rest stop led police on a 21-mile (34-kilometer) chase, drove a car at a deputy and threatened another deputy with a bat.

The Florida Highway Patrol says when a deputy approached the women at the Interstate 75 rest stop Wednesday in Dade City, they started dressing. They said they had been staying at a relative’s home but went to the rest stop after an altercation and had nowhere else to go. The Tampa Bay Times reports the women claimed they were “air drying” after washing up. The women then fled in a car.

The three ultimately were caught. They’ve been charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, fleeing to elude and indecent exposure.

Nudity and Florida all in the same story. File this under, “It never happens to me”. If there’s a rest stop in Florida I’ve stopped there. In 19+ years of travel, I’ve yet to see any nudity. However, I am now a fan of the term “air drying” as it sounds fancy.

American Airlines attendant accidentally drops a drink on a passenger. It was the CEO – CNN

Maddie Peters had never spilled a drink on a flight in her four years of being a flight attendant for American Airlines. That is, until the airline’s CEO was on board.

Before a flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to Dallas earlier this month, Peters and her fellow flight attendants were told that American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and a few other executives would be on board.
While carrying a full tray of drinks she was serving first class passengers while others boarded, a passenger in front of her abruptly stopped and backed into her tray. The drinks “went flying,” she said.

In a former life, I was a firefighter and this line from the 1991 movie “Backdraft” hits home.

You see that flash of light in the corner of your eye? That’s your career dissipation light. It just went into high gear.

As soon as I saw this I immediately sensed this was Maddie’s demise. However, Doug Parker was cool enough to pose for a picture and she is still employed.

Airbnb guest uses network sniffer to find hidden webcam, Airbnb finds no wrongdoing – BoingBoing

Airbnb has a hidden camera problem: Airbnb hosts keep getting caught using hidden webcams to spy on people staying in their unlicensed hotel-rooms, and while the company proclaims a zero tolerance policy for the practice, the reality is that the company tacitly tolerates Airbnb hosts who engage in this creepy, voyeuristic behavior.

I rarely frequent Airbnb’s, but this article reduces the chance that I ever will. Honestly, no one wants to watch me in a hotel room. It will be hours of me sitting in a desk chair interrupted with a few trips to the restroom, little else. If that’s your kink, have at it. If you’re curious about network goings-on when you’re in an unfamiliar area use Angry IP Scanner to see what else is on the network with you.

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