Chris Brown – Stories From Home, A Podcast

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*** SHOW NOTES ***

Chris normally pops in every month to help review the crazy travel stories, this month he pops in just to talk about working from home. Chris and I have worked together several times over the past 20 years. Chris was the person that introduced me to Marriott hotels and showed me how to leverage credit cards so that the points worked out in my favor.

We’ve shared meals at G&M Restaurant where we ate crabcakes that were the size of our fists.

There was the time we were in Spanish Fort, AL, and wanted (needed)  BBQ, that’s where we found Mike’s, Smokehouse Market. Mike didn’t sell beer but he allowed us to bring in our own.

 Chris and I cover a lot of ground, from him working for a truly virtual company all the way to his neighbors that appear to have a COVID block party every few days. 
We covered so much ground that we’re breaking this up into two episodes, so please enjoy part one.

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